You should have pressed the 'no snake' button....

3 November 2011

Yesterday, we told you how there are only four ATMs that are spitting out the new £50 note – and hey ho, they’re all in the money-soaked City of London.

Well screw the lot of them because here’s an even more limited service that’s being offered by a cash machine in Alava, Spain. It’s a snake and it wasn’t amused when an unnamed man tried to disturb it by trying to get some money out.

Readers, release your finest money/reptile puns... NOW!

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  • Phil
    Its one way for a struggling bank to stop customers withdrawing money!
  • The B.
    Maybe the EU could implement something similar for Greece, Italy and Spain.
  • MrMase
    Bankers on hand at ATM for financial advice.
  • PokeHerPete
  • TC
    This is serpently a novel anti-tamper installation (Sorry, puns aren't my strong suit)
  • Phil
    @MrMase - That's a bit mean on the poor snake. What has it done to be compared to a banker - I wouldn't call my worst enemy such a nasty name.
  • Nick T.
    Is it an adder?
  • samuri
    iv'e herd of money spiders but cash snakes is fresh hell
  • John S.
    Shanks here. I can't decide whether that is a really small snake, or a really big cash machine. Either disturbs me to be frank.
  • JonB
    This is what happens when you have serpent all your money on 1980's-style ATMs.
  • Noghar
    It's not that funny. The poor little bugger is obviously trapped and probably in some pain. While being pointlessly poked with a stick by some Spanish bloke who's too stingy to get some money out of the thing so the hatch will open and let the snake go. Yeah, he might get a poisonous bite but that's what you pay for the convenience of corner ATMs. Or maybe he couldn't get any money out because he's s(er)pent it all! Do I win an iPad?
  • Noghar
    Bollocks, didn't notice JonB had already done that gag. Can I have an iPad anyway?
  • Richard
    I would also like an iPad please, a black one of the second generation variety, i'll leave the memory size to your discretion. thanks :-) Richard
  • Dick
    Can I get a snake please? I want to scare ipad users.
  • Raggedy
    I can't believe no-one said: That's a real pain in the asp!

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