You don't have to start being boring just because you're dead...

An apology. A few days ago, we ran a story about the Resomator, a new smokeless alternative to cremation that has been pioneered in West Yorkshire.

In the interests of balance, we should point out that other alternative post-death scenarios are also available. Such as this one, as preferred by Puerto Rican man David Morales Colon, who recently passed away.

Rather than being displayed in an open casket for friends and family to pay their respects, David opted to be perched on top of his Honda CBR600 F4, with his cap and shades on, looking as cool in death as we’re sure he was in life.

Great work dead bloke!



  • JonnySpandex
  • Ronnie
    that's brilliant! i wish i'd thought of that at my funeral.
  • fiona
    That was a wee bit eerie TBH. Eerie but cool.
  • raptorcigs b.
    ill start the bidding for the bike £0.50
  • Mike
    @Ronnie How did you die out of interest?
  • Telly S.
    When I croak it, I want them to do something similar, but with me hanging out of the back of cheryl cole, hopefully cheryl will still be alive and look as good as she does now. I'll have one hand on the back of my head and one on my arse.
  • IvanhoeTrousers
    That guy's not wearing a helmet! He'll get himself killed......oh, hang on a minute........
  • Ten B.
    [...] You don’t have to start being boring just because you’re dead… [...]

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