You can use your phone on Euro flights now

laptop-airplane-travel-computer European plane passengers can now use their smartphones and tablets on the planes! Yes, as of now there is no need to use Airplane Mode. Or talk to other people!

Now, Europeans can livetweet annoying crying children on flights and immediately share Vines where they're mid crash!

The EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) has lifted the restriction, meaning phones can be used even during take off and landing, which was previously limited to Airplane Mode only. Amazing scenes.

In a statement, the EASA said "The new guidance allows airlines to permit personal electronic devices to stay switched on, without the need to be in airplane mode,"

"This is the latest regulatory step toward enabling the ability to offer 'gate-to-gate' telecommunication or Wifi services."

Passengers won't be allowed to use their devices fully just yet, as each airline must undergo and assessment to check that their aircraft communications will not be affected by the move.

But the EASA is hoping that the airlines will have the rules in place in the next eight months.

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  • OldGit
    So you mean it was bullshit all along - who would have thought that!

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