Wow! Plane sky pointy info app!

21 September 2010

Who among us can say that they’ve never stood and gawped upwards at an aeroplane as it’s flown overhead, gesticulating wildly at it and yelling ‘Uuurgh! Big iron bird! Big iron bird come kill us!’ Exactly – we’ve all been there.

But now, if you’re an iPhone owner, your plane-staring can be enhanced in ways that you probably never thought would be possible – thanks to an app called Plane Finder AR.

The AR stands for ‘augmented reality’ and allows you to point your phone instead of your fist at the passing plane before retrieving a big bunch of info about it, all from available air traffic management data. Stuff like the flight number, its speed, altitude, last port of call and destination, and how far away it is from you. Like, cor blimey.


We haven’t tried it ourselves, largely because we’re operating from a hermetically-sealed bunker that’s 50 feet below the surface of the Earth, but reviews of Plane Finder AR in the app store are largely positive, so if you think it’s the sort of thing you’d use more than once, then go for it.

As far as we’re concerned, it’s all well and good, but until they make an augmented reality app that can identify women who aren’t looking for a relationship and also tells us how many drinks it’ll take to get them into bed we’ll remain slightly unimpressed by these so-called ‘technological advances’.

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  • bawbag
    Can you fit this to a Surface-to-air missile launcher?
  • Al B.
    Posted by bawbag | September 21st, 2010 at 9:33 am Can you fit this to a Surface-to-air missile launcher? Asks the Daily Mail Journo...
  • PokeHerPete
    Just when you thought you couldn't top the Facebook "Places" (aka when to rob my house and how much time youve got), apps for terrorists.
  • Torsten P.
    "point your phone instead of your first at the passing plane " Editorial FAIL.
  • klingelton
    now this really satisfies the geek urges in me. I have phone renewal day coming up soon. wonder i if i can get me one of these.
  • Wibble
    Also for Android...although it won't fucking download right now!
  • SJT
    Sweet! Thanks for the heads up!
  • Donstallion
    Unless I'm mistaken, there isn't an android app which allows you to use the camera for AR puropses.
  • James C.
    Donstallion - Layar is available on Android. (Google Sky Map is the one I normally use for AR stuff, but it's not strictly AR)

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