Workers want holidays not pay rises

beach One in three of workers would rather have more holiday than a pay rise, according to a new report.

61% of them also believe, that if a company were to promise them more time off, they'd consider switching to them.

The survey by Expedia of nearly 8,000 people across 24 countries, also saw that Europeans enjoyed more holiday time than those in the Asia Pacific region and North America.

At present, the highest number of days offered to staff is 30 in Denmark, France, Germany and Spain, 28 in Italy, and 26 in Britain.

Down the other end of the scale, holiday allowance totalled 15 days in the US and Mexico, and just 11 in Thailand.

Also, Britain makes sure it takes as much of its holiday as it can, with the average Briton using 25 of their 26 days allocation, compared to Italians who only use up 21 days of their 28, and South Korea took only seven of 15 available days in the past year.

Expedia's Andy Washington said: "While habits differ, the emotional impact of holiday does not."

"Somewhere between 80 per cent and 90 per cent of people worldwide say that holidays make them feel happier, better rested, closer to their family, less stressed and more relaxed."

So would you rather have more time off, rather than more money?


  • richard
    1 in 3 would rather have holiday than a payrise. So, what you're saying is that 2 in 3 would rather have a payrise, and the title should actually be: Workers want payrises not holidays...
  • richard
    actually, thats not necessarily true either. it could be that some proportion are indifferent. In which case a more appropriate title would be: Some workers would rather have holiday than a payrise, and some may or may not want the payrise instead.

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