Will the UK's railways be shut down by strikes over Easter?

RMT ballot count confirms strike action, yesterday

What fresh hell is this? Have we slipped through a tear in time and landed up in the 1970s? Are strikes the new black? It's not enough the British Airways staff are walking out, or that British Gas have voted for industrial action - now the railways are going to strike too.

A final attempt to avert the first national rail strike since 1994 is underway, in a row over redundancies and working conditions. If the industrial action goes ahead, it'll mean most network rails services will be cancelled - with strike action likely to take place over Easter. Wankers, cries the entire nation.

Both signal workers and maintenance staff have voted in favour of strikes; the RMT union and Network Rail are now in conciliatory talks, and an announcement is expected from the union later this afternoon.

If you're due to travel over Easter and haven't made bookings yet, it might be worth checking out alternative coach and flight options now; if strikes are called, you can be sure that demand will push prices up elsewhere, so be prepared to move quickly.


  • Adam
    Bob Crow, what a cunt.
  • Spark
    Fucking dodgy work shy bastards. Do you know what would happen to me if I refused to show up to work for the next few days because of some minor 'grievance'? They would tell me to fuck off elsewhere and start looking for someone else to take my place. Maybe in the days of mass recession and Thatcher when the country was a far more socialist place, the public would have backed the workers on this but not any more. If you don't like the rules where you work then find a different job, don't inflict your problems on the suffering public who just need to get from A to B. The same goes for the British Airways staff and for the Royal Mail, it's high time the Union's were laid to rest as they have no place in modern Britain.
  • Rob
    This makes me think of the 'I'm an unskilled worker yet expect an easy life' Royal Mail strikes.
  • Businessman
    Here we go again long streams of bile from the Mail-reading perblic "I have no idea what I'm talking about but I'm going to slag the lazy workshy barstards anyway" lol fuckwits
  • andyofyarm
    You are quite right spark,we should accept our role as slaves
  • Bob C.
    Yeah; fuck solidarity and workers' rights.
  • Dai
    Aye, I'd like to see Mail readers maintain a railway network. Actually on reflection, no I woudn't. The strike has stuffed up my travel plans, but I support the union.
  • Warwick H.
    What do you expect ? just because times are tough employers think its open season on employee rights. Strikes are a last resort not something to be taken lightly. Be interesting to find out how many on here condemning strikes are workshy twats on benefits.
  • dunfyboy
    Don't worry Warwick. With yesterday's PCS strike their benefits will be late. Of course, as most customs officers are in the PCS and were on strike yesterday too, all these people that can't get away for easter can stay at home and have a party with all the extra drugs that got through. Woo hoo! Up the workers.
  • mark
    good to see adam and spark showing their little brains working overtime and not knowing the full facts. I love the fact you have a shit job that does not have workers rights and therefore can bitch and complain about others who have better jobs and have the right to protect those that they have had for many years and are now being taken off of them without proper consultation. I will support anyone that finds themselves in situations where big companies are threatening their rights. Good on the railway workers.
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