Will standing room be coming to air travel soon?

This story passed us by when it appeared last week but it’s too good to ignore. It’s a trick that newly-crowned Sky Marshall Michael O’Leary of Ryanair fame will probably start blathering on about introducing in the near future (if he hasn’t already) – standing room on planes.

China’s budget carrier, Spring Airlines are hoping to introduce the crazy concept once they get permission from the Chinese government. As Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang was recently quoted as saying: "for a lower price, passengers should be able to get on a plane like catching a bus, with no seat, no luggage consignment, no food, no water, but very convenient," it would look like permission will be a mere formality.

It is believed that Airbus have been researching the feasibility of the no-seat option, and have passed on their findings to Spring Airlines. During take-off and landing, passengers would be strapped to a bar-stool-like stand with a safety belt around the waist.

Presumably once the plane is airborne, they’ll then either sneak their arses into any seat that isn’t taken or stand around staring daggers at those passengers who are enjoying the luxury of actually getting to sit down on a plane.

Surely the next stage will be to allow passengers to be boxed up and put in the luggage hold, or maybe give them the opportunity to hang on to the wing or roof as they do on Bombay trains. Your move Sky Marshall…



  • Nobby
    Why bother with safety belts? If you pack people in tight enough, they will not move if there is a sudden jolt.
  • Anon
    It seems like more and more often companies and their rich owners are regressing to treating the lowly common human as nothing more than advanced cows and sheep 9like they used to do in the old days, or was that just yesterday). Forced to work toiling the field and then be boxed up on the way their and back. Factory farming humans, how inhuman.
  • Ryanair B.
    [...] you’ll be hard pushed to find it. We reported earlier on a story that Chinese budget carriers Spring Airlines are considering allowing passengers to stand during flights. This morning, O’Leary eyes his chance to drum up dubious publicity once [...]
  • S H.
    I just wanted to thank you very much for this enlightening article. I have already bookmarked your site, when I have more free time I am going to have to do some further reading. Well back to my dreaming of Panama or back to the books - I wonder which one is going to win out. :)
  • foxy
    If it comes! then its good for me because I hate sitting long hours!

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