Will green petrol damage your car and be more expensive?

There's something off about this car too.Britain has gone and signed up to an EU directive which means that fuel suppliers will have to dilute petrol with environmentally-friendly alternatives. All very well, if we want the Earth to live ten or so years more once we've all had a blast humping it to a hallow husk.

And so, the oil companies have chosen ethanol (made from corn) which will make up for 10% of a new petrol called E10 and will be launched at the pumps later on in the year.

However, a study is shrieking about it all, saying it'll add £80 a year extra to the average fuel bill and that it will probably ruin your engine.

The Department for Transport agree that around 8.6million vehicles probably won't be compatible with this new fuel and of course, there's a very good chance that stupid drivers will get confused at the taps and start wrecking the inside of their cars.

The study says: "The increased use of ethanol in petrol to meet EU sustainability targets is resulting in drivers paying extra at the pump," with Rob Bailey (pictured above), the author of the report adding that this fuel was introduced in Germany two years ago, but many drivers don't use it in case it buggers their engines up and that they are uncertain about the wider "environmental and social impacts of ethanol."

Shall we all just use loads of fossil fuels and let future generations sort all this out? Whitney Houston said they'd 'lead the way', and who are we to argue?


  • Sarah
    *hollow husk. Bloody interfering EU Greenies. We can't see at night due to their stupid laws. Now we have to feed our coal-powered power stations wood from trees gown in the US and shipped over here. Madness.
  • Sarah
    *gown=grown. Sorry, my fingers are cold due to all this global warming.
  • Gaaaaaah
    And what are the chances of the government drastically reducing the duty on this green petrol to reward those stupid enough to trash their cars in the misguided belief it will make a squits difference? I would suggest slim to fuck all.
  • Joey J.
    I wonder if Sarah is a bit of a fox?
  • Joey J.
    Does Rob Bailey bum Alsatians ? http:// robbailey .co .uk/ We have to know.
  • Jokester
    Seriously, why do we bother with the EU? They're just a bunch of interfering muppets that (mostly) hate the English and love screwing us over time and time again!
  • LuckyL
    Himmel, Arsch und Zwirn! it already failed to pull off in Germany over 2 years ago. Consumer acceptance was so low that fuel stations ran out of regular gas constantly and with only E10 left, people would rather try elsewhere rather than put this muck into their cars. It still has a market share of only 14% and oil companies were forced to re-introduce regular fuel. All that at great cost which of course is covered by the consumer and an additional tax levy on regular to "encourage" the use of E10 which turns out has a "economical and social impact" which is not as positive as anticipated - in contrary. Been there, done that and got the flipping T-Shirt, I can't believe they signed up to this after what happened on the continent and I had hoped we would be spared this nonsense. I hand over the megaphone to Mr. Farage....
  • Chewbacca
    Ahhh fuck's sake. I just shit meself again.
  • HW
    They use this stuff in Oz and it was a good bit cheaper than standard fuel. Didnt make any difference to the performance/economy of the car and the hire companies were happy to promote it. As long as it is cheaper, i really dont see the issue. I have certainly not come across any evidence that it will cause harm to the car. Anything that might reduce motoring costs should be looked at as an option.
  • Dogturd A.
    "Anything that might reduce motoring costs should be looked at as an option." LPG? That really took off....
  • Big M.
    @HW 'I have certainly not come across any evidence that it will cause harm to the car'. How extensive has you research been in your lab then?

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