Why you can't afford to have a heart attack with Ryanair

Bitterwallet - Ryanair new plane liveryLet's crack off Monday morning with some good news. After all, a new week means a fresh start, the opportunity to shed our pre-conceptions and move forw- no, hang on. It's a story about Ryanair. Sorry, our mistake.

During a recent scheduled flight from Marseille to Edinburgh, a passenger in his fifties took ill and fell unconscious. The call went out across the plane for doctors, and two passengers responded; the man was so ill, the doctors believed he may have been suffering a heart attack.

Eventually he came round, and the doctors suggested he rest and take some refreshment, so the Ryanair cabin staff gave the man a cup of tea and a pack of biscuits.

And then charged his wife for them.

According to the Sunday Herald, the doctors had asked if there was a defibrillator on board (there wasn't) and asked for blankets (there weren't any) - these are optional on flights, so Ryanair seemingly chooses to fly without them. Other passengers had to volunteer their own coats to keep the man warm.

When passengers choose to accept this level of service, by flying budget airlines and being subject to basic service and ancillary charges - that's very different to an airline treating passengers without a crumb of compassion or humility. There really is such a thing as bad publicity, and this is it. You've only got to hope that somehow the reporting of this story got muddled up - otherwise it paints Ryanair as the heartless bastards they're often depicted as.

[Sunday Herald] via avid Bitterwallet reader Alan


  • John
    One of many many reason however cheap the ticket I would never fly with them
  • dearieme
    bad publicity? surely you have realised by now that oleary simply doesnt give a toss? water off a ducks back to him.
  • kev
    okay, put a defibrilator on every plane, and train all the staff how to use them on the off chance that one person MIGHT have a heart attack, but then add 10% to the cost of the flights to cover the extra expense
  • Khrest
    If shopping malls can have defibrilators complete with instructions so that members of the public with no training can use them, why cant planes carry one....? Certainly the case in the States where many, many public areas and buildings have them hanging on the wall ready for use.
  • Paul C.
    It's difficult to tell whether the line 'And then charged his wife for them' is a Bitterwallet aside or geniunely part of the report. If so, that is the worst bit of PR for Ryanair I've ever seen. Paul, care to clarify?
  • Paul S.
    Paul, the source of the story - the Sunday Herald - is adamant that's the case.
  • Michael
    This could be nowhere near as malicious and heartless as it sounds. It could quite simply be down to a dozy flight attendant with an inability to think beyond the standard procedures - hardly a problem unique to Ryanair. But still, that perfectly plausible (albeit, not excusable) explanation doesn't sound as good as another "Ryanair are all bastards" blog.
  • Yoda
    Yes Michael it could be, but add this to the unending litany of Ryanair "problems" and it looks just typical. I gave up flyng with them a while back, and every time the promise of ultra cheap fares threatens to lure me bakk I (luckily) read something like this.
  • NME
    @Michael - never let facts get in the way of a good story!
  • Nobby
    Bloke pretends to be ill, friends pretend to be doctors, then prescribe him tea and biscuits.
  • Paul S.
    Michael / NME - what Yoda said; it's hardly a one-off, is it? http://www.bitterwallet.com/ryanair-passengers-go-through-hell-for-the-hell-of-it/31359
  • Ten B.
    [...] Why you can’t afford to have a heart attack with Ryanair [...]

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