Why stand-up seats won't be on your next flight, part 17

20 September 2010

Bitterwallet - fat people can't fit in Ryanair stand-up seats

One more reason we won't see the likes of Ryanair fitting those Italian stand-up seats anytime soon - apart from the fact aviation authorities would never allow them in the air. Or maybe that's the plan - irrefutable proof that fatties need taxing out the sky?


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  • Gunn
    He really should have lifted the armrest.
  • JC
    GOOD! Fat people should pay more anyway!
  • Fat F.
    Where is the fold down table so I can eat my £8 "sandwich"
  • Dog m.
    Put him in the hold, the fat c*nt.
  • tin
    actually looks quite good to me, might be more comfortable than a real seat ;)
  • Andrew
    I guess if it means we can still get return flights to Europe for under £100 then we'll just have to suck it up :(
  • Stu
    I think they should fit rollercoaster style strap-in seats on top of the plane and hanging off the underneath too.
  • Lumoruk
    Oh I would pay extra for that stu, though would probably pay the premium for the ones on top in case of a bad landing.
  • Phil
    @ Stu Yeah, you could do take off and landing Flintstone style. Might give the tubbies some exercise too
  • Jack T.
    If you are on those top seats, you can save yourself the £1 charge for the loo by pissing without moving form your seat although you may want to turn round or you'll get wet.
  • Lee D.
    I seriously don't understand the British mentality at putting others down all the time! Just because some one is larger than you, you call them a Fat C_ _t you really are foul mouthed that word is repulsive! I'm sure you see yourself as perfect and a perfect size but hey don't put others down guys to make yourself feel superior (I'm a size 28" waist which is probably slimmer than you but you don't hear me call you for your size)

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