Why can't all flights have Soviet "Aeroflot" staff from the '60s

Most airline staff these days are orange faced sourpusses who openly resent your very existence, thundering down the aisles with their stupid, ungainly trolleys and tutting at you through the safety dance routine they do.

It wasn't always like that. Once upon a time, in the Soviet Union, the hostesses just loved to dance, dance, DANCE! Of course, they were probably threatened with a life down the mines in Siberia if they didn't partake... but don't let that spoil the show.

Why can't all airline staff look like this? To think we've been fobbed off with Jeremy Spake.


  • Dick
    How far have we come. Now BA staff are forced into TV adverts to tell you that they give a fuck about "to fly, to serve". I'd like to know what/who they think they are serving (in addition to a small pack of pretzels).
  • The B.
    Having just booked 4 flights to Oz and been stiffed with a £12 charge per flight for "processing" despite using a debit card I want strippers on my flight.

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