Why booking flights with Jet2 is a miserable, unfair experience

Time to begin planning the Summer holidays again, which means across the north of the country, thousands of customers are forced to endure Jet2's excruciatingly convoluted and unfair booking system. I don't say that lightly; not only are customers continuously and illegally opted-in to charges, but some practices are now so obscure that customers have little choice but to pay the fees.

To prove what a bunch of opportunistic, scheming swines they are - Ryanair look near-saintly in comparison at times - we've prepared a booking for a family of two adults and two children, flying return from Manchester to Murcia in June.

The price of the flights I've chosen are initially advertised at £295.92. To begin with, the fares displayed to exclude tax; there's no reason they should do, but the lower the cost, the more likely you are to select a fare. So after choosing our fares, the tax is lumped on:

Jet2 1

Tax isn't so much of a shock when booking flights, but then the small print mentions "booking/payment card fees" and "option fees/charges" are excluded. We soon find out what these are - simply by clicking through to the next page, the cost of my booking has increased nearly £160; Jet2 has added £32 for online check-in and opted all four travellers into an item of hold luggage, despite two of them being children. These have to be removed manually, one at a time. The check-in charge drops to £16:

Jet2 2

Next is the seat selection which costs a minimum of £3.99 per seat each way. It's a fictional, self-fulfilling fee that has no reason for existing. Jet2 claims the fee is to ensure "make sure you all sit together"; it's only because they enforce the charge that there's any danger a family can't - in all other situations passengers and crew are usually happy to accommodate a family, and it's in the best interests of all on board that they do.

It's shameful profiteering by Jet2, but we're left with no choice but to pay up. Jet2 allow a gracious 10% discount for a family booking:

Jet2 3

We click forward to the next page, and another £140 is suddenly lumped on the bill; Jet2 have opted everyone into in-flight meals (£52) and travel insurance (£49), and slapped a £40 fuel supplement on top. Really? I have to deselect nine options to opt out and return my booking to its original cost, aside from the mandatory fuel supplement:

Jet2 4Finally, I pay for my flights. If I want to pay by credit card, it'll cost £41. Debit card will cost me £20, and even PayPal will cost £29. Only the mythical Solo or Electron card will mean I don't pay through the nose to pay through the nose.

And guess what? Today's the day that Solo cards are scheduled to be decommissioned permanently, while Visa Electron cards are rarer than hen's teeth - the only UK bank that provides them is the Bank of Scotland (and even then, the bank warns it may take over a week to even review your application). To avoid paying any fee is simply unrealistic and most customers will have to pay the next lowest fee by debit card:

Jet2 - 5Just so were clear then, Jet2 will charge me over £600 for flights that were originally advertised at less than half that price. Strictly speaking, there's £49 I didn't have to pay, but it's entirely unrealistic to expect the majority of passengers to sit apart from their children - or wait over a week before the Bank of Scotland looks at the paperwork for a VISA Electron card.

This is a big issue; not only are Jet2 making the whole booking process far longer and more miserable than it needs to be, not only are they confusing customers as to the true costs of the flights, but they also appear to be flouting the law. Travel writer David Whitley clearly pinpoints the issue in a piece he wrote about similar practices by Flybe:

Regulation 1008/2008 of the European Parliament and Council became law in 2008. Amongst the more salient passages is this one: “Customers should be able to compare effectively the prices for air services of different airlines. Therefore the final price to be paid by the customer for air services originating in the Community should at all times be indicated, inclusive of all taxes, charges and fees.”

And here’s another one: “Optional price supplements shall be communicated in a clear, transparent and unambiguous way at the start of any booking process and their acceptance by the customer shall be on an ‘opt-in’ basis.”

Even Ryanair have learnt better than to opt customers into hundreds of pounds worth of extras they don't neccessarily want; if you can't claim to have morals as high as Ryanair, your business deserves to be thrown on a very big bonfire. Happy flying.


  • Billy B.
    What a bunch of thieving arseholes!
  • Phil76
    The cheeky sods charge for online booking? How much do they gouge you for if you check in at the airport? Your first born child? (Actually, that might be a way to keep the costs down....)
  • Brad
    I bet the Banks are loving this due to Airlines now slowly becoming the new "Business Wankers" of the world.
  • spanks
    meh, if you dont like it go somewhere else. its shite i agree that you cant see the total cost upfront but its not unexpected with the "low cost" airlines
  • Olly
    What I've never understood is why the advertising regulations don't simply require as well as the "prices from", airlines are required to publish an "average cost" - which is the total income from that flight divided by the number of passenger who flew over a given period. Eg "Prices from £29.99. A customer typically paid £96 (during Oct-Dec 2010)." New routes based on expected income/passenger numbers over the next three months. Simples...
  • Tom
    I have flown with Jet 2 a couple of times (unfortunately), and they are not that good 'in-flight' either. Their planes are relatively old (compared to other low cost airlines) - 22.5 years old on average! The cabins of the aircraft were in a poor condition, with broken light fittings, tape holding bits together etc. And they were late both times. Makes flying Ryanair seem relatively nice.
  • Al
    They're are indeed a bunch of swines. However, they've pledged to change their evil ways by the end of april according to the busybodies at the CAA: http://www.caa.co.uk/application.aspx?catid=14&pagetype=65&appid=7&mode=detail&nid=1968
  • Dave T.
    Thats why I fly Ryanair - "if we are shit we are not as shit as Jet2" - you can have that one Mr o Leary
  • Getting B.
    [...] showed you how miserable booking flights with Jet2 was, right? They sneaked in loads of hidden costs and generally wanted to wank you for as many [...]
  • Expert T.
    HELLO, wake up and smell the coffee........... the vast majority of companies are doing this these days, open your eyes and look around you. Try getting a flight from JFK to LAS and you will see that even the American carriers are doing the exact same thing, charging for baggage and booking fees. Stop trying to get something for nothing and pay the going rate, I dont consider £150.00 per person for a flight to Murcia expensive, perhaps you should try paying for a "Scheduled Flight" with Iberia or BA, then you would see how much of a bargain you are really getting.
  • Paul S.
    'Expert in Travel' - I don't consider £150 per person that expensive either - but presumably Jet2 do, since they confuse the pricing from the very start. That's the point of the article.
  • Graham
    Holy cow this wound me up today. I weep for the loss of XL, at least these con artists had some competition back then. How long before we see "Life jacket fee", "Breathing tax" etc? Why don't they just have a "No, I don't want to be treat like a human being, throw me in the back with the luggage" checkbox which removes £40 from the total. By god I'd click it. I could cry into my £10-each-way-microwaved-over-salted "dinner". Bastards.
  • David
    Steer well clear of Jet2. Money grabbing thieving bastards!. Changed a name on a flight which I expected to pay for, but they charged me more for the flight saying it had gone up. I didnt change the flight, just a name. Went to Trading Standards who think Jet2 are breaking their own terms and conditions, still nothing! Daylight robbery..
  • Robert
    I would like to make a complaint re: Jet2.com On their website via a banner ad it states that their is 'No hidden charges' and that 'From now on the price you see is the price you pay'. It also shows some logos at the bottom of the banner showing check/tick boxes saying 'Great flight times' - '22kg Baggage allowance' - 'Allocated Seats' - and 'Points for free flights'. I find this very misleading and blatantly untrue as after pricing some flights today I have been quoted a price plus extras. I priced a flight from Belfast to Ibiza on Sept. 1st and returning to Belfast Intl. on Sept 11th. The price, although included tax did not include everything. There is also a pop up box when searching for flights stating that 'Did you know? Fares shown now include all taxes and charges'. The total for the flights and tax was £216.98 - however extras added were as follows: Hold Baggage @ £31.98 Online Check-in @ £10.00 Seat Selection @ £7.98 Inflight Meal @ £15.98 Booking Fee @ £9.90 Credit Card Fee @ £10.25 These extra charges come to £86.09 and therefore I don't see how this company can claim that there is 'No Hidden Charges'. I feel that this is completely and utterly misleading consumers and I am so angry that companies such as Jet2 continue to mislead customers even when issues such as these are in the news. In fact they are guilty of misleading marketing & advertising!! Swines!!! Daylight Robbery is an under statement!
  • Erika P.
    I too hate this company. I decided not to reserve a seat as I was travelling alone. When I tried to check in online it wouldn't let me. Got to the airport and was told at check in that I was not on the passenger manifest as I hadn't booked a seat!!! 35 minutes of running around and a seat was found. The return journey was no better, once again, I hadn't reserved a seat, which meant it wouldn't let me check in online. On arrival at the airport I had to fork out £17.50 to pay my boarding pass to be printed, with no offer to refund the charge for online check in.
  • Peter S.
    Thankfully I can use the ferries to get to Europe and back and I actually now enjoy travelling . I am not treated like some unwashed scum that is just another punter to be ripped off. I load up the estate with as many free bags/boxes/ suitcases as I want, can take liquids on board, sit where I want, watch a film and if I want, eat a decently priced 3 course hot meal. All this for one inclusive price...Why people put up with the poor experience/stress/high prices that so called "low cost/budget/friendly fare " airlines offer is beyond me. If you have to fly...use a major carrier like B.A, Lufthansa;KLM..they have good fares and more importantly, do look after you if delays/things go wrong and answer complaints !
  • Pat C.
    Jet2 have not changed their evil money-grabbing ways. I booked through Expedia to stay in our choice of Mallorcan hotel - Jet2 was the carrier. As soon as my booking progressed from the Expedia part to the part where Jet2 started to impose their sneaky immoral charges, my booking experience started to go downhill. Years of great experience booking through Expedia have been marred by this one booking nightmare. Peter, I would love to avoid low-cost airline flying but to get from Scotland to Mallorca and back within our seven day break makes this challenging, to say the least. These low-cost airlines have priced the major carriers out of the market for European beach holiday resorts. We paid all the "optional extras" which, of course, are not optional at all since you can't book without paying a booking fee. We actually chose one truly optional extra and paid for extra legroom on the return flight. We were seated in the aisle and central seat and the window seat was occupied by a young man whose family group of eight, including his partner and their young baby, had been seated separately all over the plane. Embarrassed at having to ask us to move whenever he wanted to go to the toilet, the young man took himself off to sit in one of a row of three empty seats in the front row. The steward told him that he couldn't sit there because these seats cost more to book!!! The seats were unoccupied - they had not managed to attract an extra charge - they hadn't even managed to attract a bare ticket price. No money would be lost through allowing the young man to sit there and he and the two of us would all have a more comfortable journey but this was not allowed by Jet2. This company are guilty of imposing hidden costs, falsely labelling compulsory charges as "optional extras", treating people as cattle and making people miserable just for the sheer joy of it. Disappointing to see that Trading Standards didn't actually do anything as a result of David's complaint. Maybe there is an ombudsman who can help. Perplexed, distressed and thoroughly pissed-off!
  • oioioi
    Yeah, these budget airlines are all very bad. I often fly with RyanAir, and most of these fees are found there too. Some of them are not there (the seating fee), but RyanAir have a couple that Jet2 (still) seem to be missing (a £2/flight and person for some EU regulation that RyanAir feels is unfair and therfore punishes its passengers for...). Actually, most of the identical fees seem higher with RyanAir than with Jet2 (as far as I remember they charge £6 for online booking and their credit/debit card fees are certainly higher than the ones described here, and the only way of avoiding them are by using the prepaid RyanAir cash card, but there are (of course) fees associated with that card too...). All in all, I doubt that Jet2 is worse than RyanAir... EasyJet, which I also end up flying a lot with, is certainly better than RyanAir, and probably better than Jet2 as well...
  • Tom
    I've heard, from a number of different sources, that jet2.con swindles pilots out of their careers and wages by unfairly firing a number of newly qualified pilots at the end of a season to obviously save money after making them pay £30-40 thousand to train without paying them back. This saves jet2 hundreds of thousands of pounds each year I would guess. A fired pilot will never get another pilot job because it is assumed they are a danger. Not to mention other horror stories I've heard about staff being desperately unhappy to the point of ... I dare not mention what I've heard... But I wouldn't want someone with those pressures flying me. The airplanes are ancient and the seats are like torture. I think Jet2 Is a disgrace and I refuse to fly with them now. Between us our widespread family used to spend over £6,000/ year with jet2 visiting eachother. We have all stopped flying with them. Ryan air gets it now. I know at least 10 other people who also refuse to fly with them now.
  • Ray
    To be fair & more accurate, Jet2 are not quite as bad as Ryanair, nobody is! The sudden appearance of a "check-in" fee of £12 per bag when one adds a hold bag is unjustifiable because I doubt if the check-in agents charge anything like this amount for the privilege. The card charges are unjustifiable, the seat selection charge is similarly unjustifiable. The inflight refreshment prices are extortionate, and to say that all the "low cost" carriers charge similar prices is a feeble excuse. Jet2 are probably the best out of the bad bunch as they do provide an otherwise good in-flight experience and the cabin staff do try their best, even when they are often visibly embarrassed by what they have to do under orders. We have now started travelling with BA via LGW and even if it does add several hours to the journey time, and a higher ticket price, the experience of being treated as a valued customer right from the start of the online booking to the end of the return flight makes it all worth while. The first quoted ticket price is what you end up paying and there are no swingeing add-ons, en route to the paying stage. One gets free seat selection, free onboard refreshments, and even a free hold bag allowance of 23kg, which incidentally is transferred through at LGW from our domestic flights to the international leg and vv on the return . Simples ....... Jet2 be aware- the holiday flight market is shrinking, times are getting harder by the minute, and clients are becoming ever more savvy, so the current MO of the "low-cost" carriers has a very uncertain future. Incidentally I would not return to either Ryanair or Easyjet for even an enhanced pension, the commensurate loss of dignity comes at too high a price. best wishes to you all Ray. Edinburgh.
  • Hazza
    We have used Jet2 since their launch date, yes their aircraft may not be as new as other budget carriers but we have had good service from them until booking this time. The booking process is no doubt put together to extract as much cash from you as possible but you do, as with Ryan have the chance to avoid some of the costs.The final straw for us when booking this time was after accepting their conditions and getting to the section for making payment a box popped up saying " due to high demand the flights you are booking are not available at the selected price please tick the box to accept the new cost" £4.00 more is not much and most people will just pay the extra at this stage, again added to the above quotes yet another "hidden con" It is about time the OFT and the CAA put a stop to this "hidden cost" crap and made all the airlines show a final ticket price without hidden imposed additional charges. Sorry to go on but another con with all of the budget crew is the charges for paying with cards, you can't avoid these costs by paying with good old cash is now not an option as they don't take cash now, only after you board the aircaft, it is at this point they are now your friend and try to extract more cash from you during the flight! The advertised ticket cost should be the complete cost to enable you to fly from A to B without any additional costs applied, this action should be made avoidable by UK law. How can the charges be justified for on line check in, all automated using my computer, ink, paper and time, another con by all who charge for it. COME ON OFT/CAA GET A GRIP AND SORT IT. I would rather see a return from Manchester to Alicante that starts for £58.00 ending up at £95.00 to be shown at £95.00 upfront without having to waste my time pratting about on a dopy booking site. I was sat next to a guy on a Ryan Air flight from Alicante who had cut his boarding pass from A4 size to fit in his ipad cover, he said he was charged 40 euro for another A4 boarding pass to be printed as Ryan Air state the pass should be printed on A4 size, just another story you hear on route. Last of all if you buy a coat from M&S for £100.00 that is what you pay, if you want a cup of tea while you are in store you have the choice to pay the extra but the coat still costs the same, there are no charges for using your card, no charges for wrapping your purchase, no charges for using the lift, no charges for ordering on line, no charges for being in store at peak times or no charges made for entering or exiting the store, come on budget crew who will have the bottle to trade with upfront charges and give the passenger control of the extra costs. Hazza
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  • Daniel
    Jet2 will not sit you together unless you pay for prebooked /selected seats what they will do is when you check in online is allocate any availible single seats that are not adjacent to each other single aisle seats that are in the same row will not be allocated. Why simply to force you to pay more hidden costs. If you find that there are empty adjoining seats on your flight the cabin staff will not allow you to occupy them. Why?? I telephoned Jet2 and was advised that the company policy was that all single seats are allocated to passangers who check in online before they allocate any other remaining seats.
  • Stephen Y.
    I suspect that the position is far worse than everyone suspects. Last night I checked in for a flight in 2 weeks time with my wife. There were upwards of 15 seats unallocated (yellow) on the outward and return flights yet we were placed in 3a and 18f out and 10a and 11a on the return. In both cases, there were no unallocated seats next to our seats so we would have had to pay £19.96 (4 x£4.99) in order to sit together. On a hunch, I left the booking process, logged on again and this time we were allocated different seats. Some of the seats allocated were previously unallocated but, once again, sitting together would have cost £19.96. I repeated the process over 20 times and the computer allocated us different seats, sometimes 2 together on one flight but apart on the return. Sometimes with free seats next to us, often not. The cost to sit together varied from £19.96 to £4.99. My suspicions were further raised by Jet2's advert on the booking page showing a happy couple sitting together with the strapline "Choose seats together so you can relax and chat". The statement on the booking page states that people travelling together will be allocated seats together if available. Finally, after over 20 attempts, I succeeded in hitting seats together for both the outwards and return flights. So what is going on? My guess is that Jet2 are using a software programme which allocates single seats at check in and, regardless of whether the seat next to it is actually free it is shown as occupied on the check in application. This will maximise the number of people forced to "buy" allocated seating. In 2012, Jet2 carried 4.3m passengers. If 20% were conned into buying seats together, this would produce revenue of £4.3m per annum. The route we are travelling has a lot of families and older people. Many, faced with travelling apart, will simply pay the Jet2 charges. This is a shameless con on vulnerable people and the worst kind of cynical business practice. I will be complaining to Jet2 but I would be astonished if they do anything. I will also report them to Trading Standards and CAA. If it has happened to you, complain loudly or travel Ryanair.
  • Carmen
    In July my partner and I will be joining our choir in Hungary to do a short concert tour for which Jet2 is the only "budget" direct flight from Manchester. Due to work commitments and having to negotiate time off, we weren't able to book until last week (although still over four months prior to travel) and I nearly cried when I saw that they wanted to charge us £708 for the privilege of travelling with their grotty airline, especially when we have already put in a heck of a lot of work in preparing and rehearsing for the tour! Fortunately, I was a travel agent some while ago and went searching for alternatives. We are now travelling outbound with Swiss and returning with Lufthansa. Yes, we have a very short stop in Zurich and Munich respectively but who cares when we'll get check-in for free, a proper baggage allowance, complimentary in-flight service and seats that won't risk you getting DVT; in short, travel as it used to be! All for £340 *cheaper* than budget airline, Jet2. I think the online check-in charges are the absolute nadir in all of this since, as I'm now a web designer, I can see no circumstance whatsoever how any charges would even be incurred by Jet2 for this so why they charge for it is completely beyond me. When more people decide to ditch these so-called "cheap" airlines and dig a bit deeper for better service and better value then maybe these awful, mercenary companies might think again about the appalling way in which they conduct business.
  • maureen s.
    we booked some flghts from blackpool to malaga in may my partner was taken into hospital for an emergency opp for cancer in feb Icalled to see what could be done the girl told me she could trancfer the tickets to later on but would cost £140 we paid £320 to go. the tickets in oct would cost £194 Ithink that is daylight robbery we rang virgin to cancell our booking with them and thay gave us a full refund no problem at all
  • Wilf
    My story is slightly different and involves the holiday side. On the 1st of April, [ no pun intended - although i did seem like a fool] i went online with Jet 2 holidays at about 10.30am. A deal was available on the online page for a holiday in Menorca which stated quite clearly on the screen was £771.70 Total Price [ or £385.85 per paying person] . Went to the next page to book, where upon i found the price of £771.70, but also an additional "HOLIDAY SUPPLEMENT"holiday supplement of an additional £79.35 - which had a brief explaination as the increase related to the holiday being "popular". I contacted Jet 2 by phone - and the sales person [Hannah] was embarassed but said there was nothing she could do - even though she referred to a supervisor - as the venue was popular. My argument was that if i saw a pair of shoes in a window at £40.00 and wanted to buy them - i would not be expected once in the shop to £50.00 because a further 3 people had bought them a little earlier. If the shop wanted to charge £50.00 - it should be that price in the shop window !! I later went onto the site later the the same day at 19.00pm - and suddenly the final price had increased to £854.00- with NO holiday supplement mentioned. Perphaps the supervisor had realised Jet'2 mistake in the computer screen. Whilst i understand contracts in terms of "invitaion to treat" and a "contract" - i do feel that Jet 2 were misleading in their original terminology and the price i should have paid should be £771.70 and not the increased amount i eventually paid I have written a complaint based on misleading statements & will take it to the Tradings Standards / ABTA / anmd whoever necessary, as i think practices like this should be penialised. Based on misleading statements etcs On checking the same holiday prices on the 2nd of April the holiday price was £862.00...on the 3rd it was £842.00 with no Holiday supplement even mentioned ever again !!. I can understand the changes in market prices on a day to day basis - and accept that - but i dont see why a holiday when advertised [ clearly in my opinion ] should not be sold at that price. Could have waited a couple of days and actually saved about £10.00.. Waiting to see where we will be seated - as i have not booked any of that element....
  • Caroline
    I have just tried booking flights from Toulouse to Manchester in May, and like a few people have mentioned, when it came to the end of the booking process and the moment to pay, a box popped up saying that due to high demand for dates chosen the flights were no longer available at original price stated and the new total cost would be 53.24 euros more !! What a con. Disgraceful!
  • Wilf
    Further to my post of the 3rd of April re a holiday to Menorca. Well, i have written two complaints - received 2 "sympathetic" but no practical replies from Jet 2 Customer Service Advisor [ha - ha].... and my third complaint is in the post suggesting that Jet2 actually take their responsibilities as issued by the Office of Fair Trading & CAA as per the press release 28/13 on the 26th of March, 2013 regarding transparency and guidelines - hopefully this will help in reclaiming what i consider are unfair cost/ charges. For anybodys information - details of the release are as follows: http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2013/28-13 Oh, by the way.... i can now go online to "manage my booking" and to online check in . Guess what re seats - not together [ albeit two rows separate ]- on the out going leg of the journey - but together on the return. When i tried to check the seating plan on the out journey - there were two seperate aisle seats [ different to the 2 window seats we actually got ]....and nothing else listed - unless perphaps if i paid !!!!!! - there may be. Tried to contact customer services to "discuss", because once you have "checked in" you can't change anything...hmm i wonder if this is true??? [ unless of course i pay]... however on their 0800 number on Saturday & today Monday... spent 20 minutes and 15 minutes - respectively and still "no human " answered to take the call. I have not paid - and will not pay anything to this airline - and doubt if i will them use them ever again.Unfortunately they & other similar companies go to the areas which generally tourists wish to frequent - and sadly national airlines dont [ BA,KLM,Lufthansa etc]. This "low cost " flight debacle, needs to be looked at by Government & strict rules be imposed to combat the "general unfairness" that is being populated by these groups.
  • Danielle
    I flew with jet2 and checked in online but we weren't sat together so I mentioned this at the airport and they moved us together free of charge. I also travelled with a family who didn't book seats and were all sat together as apparently the pre seat families with children so they are sat together as children can't sit on their own. We checked a bag in and hand luggage free so it was really good!! I guess it's expensive for a budget airline and they will have problems but if people are willing to pay for seats etc then they won't change. Food is expensive but I don't buy it on the plane for that reason. It was only a few hours and had drinks/snacks bought in the airport anyway!
  • Tony S.
    At the end of the day, you have a choice, book with Jet2 or don't. No point in looking at all the "Extras", you only need to look at the END price. If Jet2 are the cheapest book them if not book somewhere else, it's not difficult is it. I flew to Crete last June with them, yes there were "Extras" to add on, luggage, seat booking, on-line check-in, but at the end of the day we saved £78 between the two of us and we had better flight times than the nearest priced airline.
  • A C.
    My first flight with Jet2 is booked for Nov 4th. Hope it is a good experience and that Jet2 take note of customer remarks.
  • michelle
    I've had Jet2 flights booked for months now - for 4th jan from EDI to Chambery. I've just tried to check in online...and surprise, surprise cannot. I live in Oz and so the time difference makes it awkward to telephone them about it. I've emailed them twice and have included a link to this webpage telling them to get it sorted - they have a month to do it! I am travelling with small children and an OAP . The kids are no infants - but you couldn't and wouldn't have them sat on their own. not only that but the online check in shows only seats with leg room i.e. emergency exits - so I can't reserve those anyway and even if I pay to reserve there are no seats available!! WTF?? I am prepared for the worst - but I have complained a month in advance - any takers on what might happen?? Any Jet2 staff snooping on here who might like to enlighten me?? :(
  • michelle
    should have said that I can't book the legroom seats as you are not allowed to with the kids - obviously! have to be over 14 years old...and they are 5 and just turned 4!
  • Vickie
    We pre booked our seats paying as required only to be given seats 6 rows apart on opposite sides of the plane as they had swapped aeroplanes for that journey
  • cowgirl e.
    Cowgirl boots must be resilient, strong and comfortable.
  • aldo
    Booked 3 seats from Glasgow to Rome return at cost of £183 each.1member of our party had to pull out due to illness and advice from doctor. Jet 2 are now charging £217 for a simple name change. Simple case of profiteering from someone's misery , even Ryanair wouldn't do this.Do not fly with these miserable money grabbing greedy uncaring scumbags
  • carol a.
    they are shit been booking with them for years , there staff are not good , robots comes to mind ,
  • belfast b.
    i booked with jet 2 in feb for flights for me my wife and my 2 children for one way only from ibiza to belfast in July back then the flight cost me just under a grand, just double check and can get the same flight for 580 how the hell is that possible thats near double someone give me advise
  • mark r.
    Wish I'd read this BEFORE these con artists ripped me off too.
  • Woodles
    I've been travelling with Jet2 for years and for most of that time I've been happy with the service, I didn't even mind the convoluted pricing as I could generally work out in my head roughly what the final price would be. However, they seem to have gone downhill in recent years. The flights are no longer necessarily cheap compared to alternative airlines, prices are in some cases similar to non-budget airline prices. The food is more expensive but of much poorer quality (stale dry sandwiches) and they often run out, leaving only chocolate bars. No window blinds or seat pockets The latest wheeze is to tag small and medium sized hand luggage with yellow stickers and then tell passengers they have to put these items under the seat in front, thus reducing already limited leg room even further. The reason is to give priority over the overhead locker space to those who take suitcases as hand luggage. Completely arse about face in my opinion.
  • jim y.
    I booked my holiday through Jet2holiday online. All going smoothly as it should. few days later they have offered another flight time available on the same date. I rang up the customer service they told me there will be a admin charge per passenger plus the higher cost difference. I asked why there were no options at time of booking, jet2Holiday replied " customer demand hence they introduced additional flight" . I felt this is unfair as the other flight time would be much preferred. Then the usual they said " I agreed to the T&C before accepting the sale" I'm sure as the date were so close after making the booking, they should offer the switch over at no admin fee, BUT No No.... Summary: Jet2Holiday----avoid unless you have searched months in advance other alternative may be better
  • misty
    Jet 2 are horrendous! I've been flying with them for years & was just really for their convenient flight times but their customer service now takes the biscuit. On a recent flight to Ibiza with 3 small children we were surrounded by a group of incredibly drunk passengers - my children were crying as they keered over our seats using profane language & shouting across the aircraft. I went to take my small daughter to the bathroom & it was soaked in urine ...the air hostess told me "to hover"! Was the most distressing experience on a flight I've ever had. I made a complaint in writing once I got home & their response was " use another toilet"! Shocking. Will never use them again. My 3 children are now afraid of planes they say :-(

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