Which! ready to bully the government into outlawing travel card charges

6 September 2011

creditcard1 Our good friends at Which! are making some campaigning noise again, and we’re right behind them as they attempt to get the government to ban surcharges on online debit card travel purchases.

The Office of Fair Trading has already proposed such an amendment to existing law but as yet the government have done nothing about it. The anger is focussed on debit card charges that only crop up at the end of a lengthy booking process. It has been shown that punters have to wade through between four and six pages of an online booking system before they are informed about the dreaded debit card charges.

The OFT ordered all companies to make their card charges more transparent back in June, but as yet they appear to have done little or nothing about it. In fact, Lufthansa and Swiss are planning to introduce £4.50 credit and debit card charges per booking from November.

Elsewhere, the OFT have found that Easyjet charged a surcharge of £8 for payments by debit card, and £8 plus 2.5% of the total transaction for credit card users. Ryanair charged a fee of £6 per journey for both credit and debit card users.

Can the consumer warriors at Which! succeed where the OFT seem to have failed? We’ll see, but we’ll be holding their coats for them as they head into battle.

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  • Tweedskin
    Why is the headline Which! yet the tag is Which?(?). They're name is Which?, question mark, not exclamation mark!
  • Avon B.
    @ Tweedskin And you've been following this column for how long? They always call it Which! They think it's hilarious. No, honestly.
  • Gav
    Their not They're!
  • PokeHerPete
    They're Which? which is their Which!?
  • Grumpy
    WTF Is dis real?
  • diana
    I found it annoying when Ryanair changed to only some prepaid card.. these prepaid cards are not free unlike getting an Electron bank account. It is going too far with Lufthansa and Swiss planning on doing it so I'd be happy to see this. The govt. probably cares too much about 'business' and capitalism to do it though.
  • Dick
    The OFT should investigate the price that Which! charges. Fucking outrageous.
  • Mark
    @diana the cards are freely available free, usually with an initial £10 load. I actually think im against this as when they outlaw this, if they manage it, it just means Ryanair (for example) will add £6 onto everybodys fares each way anyway. Whereas now, clever people (like me) who are prepared when we want to book a flight, and have a selection of shite prepaid mastercards, visa electrons and so on, we save money at the expense of the twats on their way to Benidorm effectively subsidising my flight. Just wise up, play the game and feel like youve got one over on the Sky Marshall o Leary!!
  • gcocrqe
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  • ojxupev
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