Which! names and shames surcharge culprits

7 October 2013

Remember that government ban on excessive surcharges and credit card fees? Well, that was 6 months ago and still many companies are flouting regulations and ripping off customers left, right and centre.

credit cards

Which! who led the campaign to ban the fees, has found that a lot of people are still at it, with many of the serial offenders in the travel industry. Holiday company eDreams were the worst, charging customers a whopping 18% surcharge if you paid by credit card. (They even charge you to use your debit card.)

Monarch, Jet2 and EasyBus were also in trouble, with fees of between 2.5 and 3.5%. Although small business with a staff of 10 people or less are exempt from the ban, it’s illegal for larger companies to charge more than the cost of processing the card, which should be no more than 2%.

Which! Executive Director Richard Lloyd is tumescent with rage, and said:

'It’s disappointing that six months after the government banned rip-off surcharges, consumers are still being hit with high fees simply for paying with a card. While some companies have reduced their surcharges, there should be a crackdown on rogue companies who continue to flout the ban. We’ll be passing on our findings to Trading Standards and asking them to enforce the rules.'

You go for it, Richard. KICK SOME ASS.


  • bhbtg
    onthebeach.co.uk do debit card fees. added near £40 to a £1200 holiday
  • Mr M.
    I'm incandescent with apathy over this.
  • hotmail r.
    My local corner shop recently started charging £1.50 for using a credit card. Coincidentally I recently stopped shopping there. If consumers want to pay through the nose then let them. The rest of us can get a good deal elsewhere.

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