Which! airport train service is the worst?

Getting a train from the airport to a nearby city is usually an expensive business, but it’s over to everyone’s favourite consumer gods, Which! to tell us which one sucks the most.

gatwick express

And the accolade for the crappiest airport train service goes to…THE GATWICK EXPRESS, which scored 60/100. Why? Because, as anyone who has ever been on it can testify, out of all the airport train services, it’s bad value for money at an always shocking £19.90 each way for a journey that lasts about half an hour. And they don’t even put on nice shiny trains.

The Heathrow and Stansted Express also scored low for value for money – but while the Stansted Express is a terrifying £23.40 each way, it scored higher marks for luggage space and comfort.

The best, easiest and cheapest London journey by far was the Docklands Light Railway from London City Airport. (And the DLR is also good because you can sit in the front seat and pretend to drive it.) But then, only business class types and golden gods can afford to fly from City airport.

Outside of London, regional airports scored highly for their train services, with the top spot occupied by Virgin Trains, whose cheap as chips and highly efficient rail service from Birmingham costs only £2.40.

Which! say that passengers need to complain more about the standard of train services from the big London airports, otherwise we’ll continue to be fleeced. Ricardo Lloyd spat:

‘There are unacceptably wide differences in the levels of customer satisfaction for airport trains, with many people especially unhappy about the high cost of some express services. Train companies must do more to listen to travellers' views, which is why we've launched a campaign to Get Trains on Track, calling for a better response to complaints.’

Another Which! campaign. Don’t these people ever SLEEP?


  • Dacouch
    The £19.99 Gatwick Express is even more expensive when you realise the stopping train takes less than ten minutes more but costs £10 single
  • anonymous
    Being from the rail industry I know that the Gatwick Express is now run by 26 year old trains, having replaced 8-10 year old trains! I am sure that it made sense to some one.
  • Nads
    On the heathrow express, if you book far enough in advance (1 month or so) you get 2 x return tickets for £50, £12.50 each way which isnt too bad, i do live in west london though so probably easier for me than most people
  • loafer1946
    To get to both Heathrow and Gatwick there are perfectly good local trains for about a third of the price. It may take 15 min or so longer but so what when you have to spend hours waiting at those shitty airports anyway.

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