Which! airport is the best?

Forget your actual holiday destination. What you really need to know is, where are the best airports? After all, a good two days either side of your holiday are usually spent standing on a travelator wishing you were dead, so you may as well minimise the pain.


Luckily Which! is on hand to give you a run down of the UK’s best airports- and the top of the list is London Southend, which opened in March 2012. 84% of passengers said it had speedy check-in and arrivals, and was conveniently located 40 miles from London. In fact, smaller airports scored well for ease of check-in, including Robin Hood Airport and Humberside.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the bottom three on the list were the big ones – Heathrow Terminal 1 and 3 and Luton, which languishes at the bottom like an abandoned Easyjet sick bag. Just 43% said they’d got through Luton in one piece. Customers slated it, saying it was ‘dark and gloomy’ and ‘poorly designed and poorly signed inside and out’. Stansted also scored badly for long waiting times for check-in and bag drop.

Which! big cheese Richard Lloyd said: ‘Our research shows a jumbo jet-sized gap in the performance of UK airports with smaller terminals generally performing better. It is clear some of our major airports have some work to do if they are to keep more of their passengers satisfied.’

(Ooh, ‘jumbo jet sized.’ Bet he was up all night thinking of that one.)

Surely, though, it stands to reason that smaller airports would have less passengers and shorter queues?


  • jim
    the one in amsterdam is the best as u they have a smoking room indoors. screw uk airports - no flexing wiv da erb in them
  • Sarah
    London City. Excellent!
  • Mr. P.
    I'm not telling you lot which is the best. You'd all go there.

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