Where do geeks go on holiday?

When I hit the beaches of Magaluf every summer - a pint of Estrella in one hand, a rolled-up Daily Star in the other - the furthest thing from my mind, without question, is the Alan Turing Memorial in Manchester. Don't get me wrong, it's a cracking bronze casting to honour the founding father of computer science, it's just I'd rather be dicking about in the sea on lilo.

Plenty of folk prefer their holidays a little more cerebral, however, and for those folk there is The Geek Atlas - a travel guide to locations around the globe that have been at the centre of mankind's greatest scientific and technological breakthroughs.

From the Horn Antenna in New Jersey, where the Big Bang theory was confirmed to The Trinity Test Site in New Mexico, where the first atomic bomb was exploded - it's like a pub crawl, but with a degree. And air travel. And no pubs.


  • pauski
    I have seen, and flicked a copy, there is at least 100 billion reasons why they have missed "The Big Bang" - or am I missing my idea/imagination - so confusing is BW.
  • hmmm
    hm, I think I'm pretty geeky, and I'd just like a normal holiday thanks! thats like saying that a jock would like to go on holiday to where football was first invented or a museum about football! and maybe some would! but not for me thanks! ;p
  • numberwang
    geeks don't care about this shit, they care about i-phones etc, write a story about that.
  • James
    No, 'geeks' don't care about iPhones, people who buy overpriced products in an attempt to make them look cool care about iPhones.
  • Antique A.
    I was never quite sure if I qualified as a geek but now I know I really am. What a relief! I specifically travelled up from London to visit the Alan Turing Memorial in Manchester and I frequently visit the Science Museum here in London. I also like visiting the Innoventions section of Disney's EPCOT in Orlando. Occasionally I still use my Apple Mackintosh Classic and I've a few self-build computers older than that. So the atlas looks right up my street! By the bye ... what in heaven's name is an "iPhone"? And, if it is worthwhile, where can I get the kit to build one myself?

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