Where are you going on holiday this year?

We don't actually care that much, we're just making conversation, like. Or maybe we're nosy buggers, or maybe we're seeking inspiration from the collected lobes of Bitterwallet readers. Actually we do care a little - we'd quite like to know where you're taking a break - be it home or abroad - and what sort of hot deals you managed to wangle.

If you are interested in seeing where other lucky beggars are jetting off to, Vodafone have created a snazzy mash-up of Twitter and Google Maps. To join in, you need to tweet the hashtag #ukhols, your age, sex, the first half of your postcode and where you are going this year. They'll no doubt analyse the living Bejesus out of the info so they can push some targeted market crap through your door, but in the meantime it's nice to have a peek at:

Now then. Let's have your holiday plans please, and share any news of the decent deals you bagged.


  • Paul N.
    "To join in, you need to tweet the hashtag #ukhols, your age, sex, the first half of your postcode and where you are going this year." Talk about a marketing cocktail.... All they really need to ask is airport codes (departure and arrival).
  • Paul S.
    They need some postcode information so you can plot the end ends of the route (you don't always fly from where you live, and some people aren't flying) but yeah - the rest is marketing cobblers.
  • The B.
    I'm going to Parkhurst to visit my mate Roger, nothing like being Rogered in Parkhurst.
  • Paul N.
    @Paul Smith - Right but that's exactly why I'd be ok with giving my airport code but not my postal address! The airport code isn't personally identifiable. The end result on the map is more or less the same (of course it doesn't drill down to people in neighbourhood x go here).
  • Andy D.
    You could always lie about your postcode and fuck up their data. I sometimes deliberately do surveys just for this reason.
  • zeddy
    You are going nowhere! Don't you know there's a pandemic and all borders are closing as we speak.
  • Jill
    Paul Nikkel - the postcode only really shows what town you are in, I can't see that being used to personally identify anyone.
  • Francis R.
    Nice one thanks, this shows me where all the wankers that use twitter are going, so I go elsewhere! What a thouroughly fucking wicked idea! Thanks again!
  • MinstrelMan
    notice on that map that nobodys going to poland? oh yes, for a vast majority of the population thats not a holiday, thats just returning home.

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