What not to wear this Summer - the Wonder Sauna Hot Pants

With the promise of a sweltering hot Summer around the corner, you'll have no choice but to get your kit off and reveal your fat, lumpy figure to the world. If only there was a way to sweat off that excess thigh cheese, without looking completely ridiculous. There probably is, but this isn't it:

You may look like The Incredible Human Lilo, but this amazing slimming aid "quickly reduces inches from your hips and thighs" and will "slenderize exactly where you want". Thank God for small mercies.



  • acecatcher3
    if someone buys this and sends it to me ill post a pic of me wearing it
  • Namer
    And we would want to see a pic of you wearing it because..?
  • acecatcher3
    stone cold said so?
  • Tom P.
    Can these "Hot Pants" damage my ability to produce strong, healthy ejaculate?
  • Paul S.
    Without a doubt.
  • Francis R.
    ace, I'll get you three pairs, but I want a shot of your mum and gran wearing them.
  • Quagmire
    silly cunts
  • Namer
    cilly sunts
  • Francis R.
    Cupid stunts

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