What makes a great flight?

planeGiven the popularity of low-cost airlines, it is a reasonable assumption that price is a key factor in determining what makes a good flight. But once the pecuniary element is sorted, what else makes for a great flight experience?

New research by GoCompare.com showed that top of the wish list was proper leg room, with 73% of travellers saying that having a seat with a good amount of leg room is key to a good flight.  The next most desired attributes for a perfect plane journey include the flight departing on time (71%), friendly cabin crew (56%), and nearly half (49%) of respondents want a seat away from other people’s kids. Unsurprising really, as other people’s children are invariably horrible. Other items that made the top ten included good reading material and seatback screens, but anxiety tablets and blankets were not top ten materials for fantastic flights.

Interestingly though, 9% of men and 4% of women said that being seated away from their own children would be necessary for a great flight. If even their own parents can’t stand these children, how bad must they be. And clearly the parents should be forced to sit with the results of their poor handiwork For Ever.

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