What is the best airline to fly with?

Well according to Which!, the answer depends on which country you intend visiting.

As the summer holidays kick off in England and Wales, our dear friends at Which!! surveyed a load of people as part of their  airline review  (the results of which are only available to paid subscribers) and have compiled ranking lists of both short- and long-haul airlines. They collected 5,622 responses relating to short haul flights and 3,430 responses relating to long haul flights, and airlines were rated on things like the check-in and boarding process, seat comfort, cabin temperature, as well as overall value for money. Each airline ranked had at least 30 responses.

But never fear, Which!!! have released details of the top, and bottom, performers to some of the most popular holiday destinations for UK travellers- and the results show that different airlines perform better for different destinations. There is, however, less variation in the lowest performers.

So here is the list of best and worst performers, as rated by Which!!!! members, for eight holiday spots. From British Airways' good showing, it suggests that, higher prices might also equal a better experience, but not in all cases, as Jet2.com and Thomson Airways prove.


1 Some flights require a change at Istanbul

2 Some flights are shared with British Airways. Also, Ryanair do not fly to the US.



  • Dick
    Why do they bring value for money into it? Which was always meant to be reviewing things independent of their cost. Middle class readers of which! love flying Ryanair too, to save a few quid and get to gawp at tattooed people that they would otherwise rarely see. But even more than saving a few quid, they love rating it a poor experience. And then still book with them next time.
  • Jack
    Congrats to whoever just took a screenshot of that table and forgot to turn spellcheck suggestions off
  • Simon
    I don't understand why anyone would fly Ryanair (unless they are the only airline to that destination) It is not cheap (smoke and mirrors), run by a tosser and it is not a safe airline to fly on (as many of the crew are inexperienced, broke, some are prostitutes or tired!)
  • badger
    For worst service to the US, Delta should have scooped this one. It's the only thing they'll ever win.
  • Captain.Cretin
    Interesting to see turkish Airlijnes listed in the "Good" column, I seem to remember Turkish Airlines also appearing at the top of another list, as killing the most passengers per million miles travelled.
  • Dick
    The only time I have flown Delta to the US I got fantastic service. They upgraded me to business, and I got champagne service.
  • kv
    the best airline for me is the one that's cheapest, which is usually Ryanair.
  • jt
    Can you tell me which ones are prostitutes, just so I know for next time.

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