What do you hate most about public transport?

train Public transport eh? A wonderful thing and occasionally, hellish beyond belief. Concerning the latter, a survey has been conducted to see what we all hate most about riding the train or sitting on a bus.

With any luck, those dreadful annoying humans that cause such grievances will read this and realise how annoying they are.

It's not going to happen is it?

Topping the list of annoying habits, people who try and jump on a train before everyone has got off have swatted aside all other bugbears. Other actions which grate us all include the scum who hog seats with their bags, the gits who read over your shoulder and those who sit in a reserved seat without a ticket. That last one doesn't seem like a big deal if you've got the nerve to tell them to sling it. What's wrong with you soft arses?

Other irritants included those who loudly talk on their mobile, people who get off with each other and those who still have their keypad tones on. The latter, in fairness, should be thrown off the train. While it is moving. Then there's drunk passengers, children and people who eat smelly food, too.

Gareth Woodhouse from redspottedhanky.com said: ‘’Sometimes we can get a bit wrapped up in our own journeys or have a lot on our minds and it can make us less considerate of those around us. The ability to put up with things that annoy us is quite a British trait but it’s inevitable that certain behaviours test our patience more than others. Clearly those who can’t wait for the train to clear before boarding or people hogging seats can rile us but with a little more consideration and some common sense train travel can be comfortable and efficient for everyone.’’

Here are the top annoying habits:

1) People forcing themselves on when others are still getting off
2) Smelling bad
3) Drunken behaviour
4) People playing ringtones/music through speakers
5) Others kicking the back of your seat constantly
6) Parents not controlling their children, even when they're grabbing at your face
7) People who don't give up their seat for others who need it more
8) Playing music too loudly over headphones
9) Eating noisily
10) Putting feet on seats

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11) Eating food that smells strongly
12) People who just expect you to move and don't say excuse me
13) Coughing or constant clearing of the throat
14) People who say 'I'm on the train' again and again on the phone
15) People standing over you/ breathing down your neck
16) People sneezing regularly
17) Noisy games consoles
18) People talking boastfully because they know others can hear
19) Putting bags on seats
20) Talking in the Quiet Zone
21) Noisy laptop, iPad or phone keypads
22) Talking loudly with friends/colleagues
23) Couples getting amorous with each other
24) People snoring loudly
25) Someone hogging the armrest
26) Taking ages to put their luggage in the compartments whilst you wait behind them
27) Strangers who chat you up
28) People falling asleep on you
29) Pulling the sunshield down, when you were quite enjoying the view
30) Someone reading your paper/book

Feel free to suggest your own annoyances with people on public transport.


  • Dougal1709
    I cannot believe the worst of the lot isn't on the list. People who don't take their rucksacks off on the tube.
  • Dick
    So all they really needed was one option - other people.
  • jokester4
    The thing I hate most about public transport is the fact that I still have to fucking pay for it even though I never use it. I pay thousands a year just in tax to keep my car on the road so why should I be forced to subsidise public transport???
  • Billybobjimbob
    I used to live in Leicester - that was embarrassing enough.
  • Al q.
    "The thing I hate most about public transport is the fact that I still have to fucking pay for it even though I never use it. I pay thousands a year just in tax to keep my car on the road so why should I be forced to subsidise public transport???" Cos your getting mugged off like the rest of us
  • don
    By far the worst type of public transport is air travel. Waiting around for hours, treated like cattle and then shoved in a seat with next to no leg room for hours.
  • Froggie
    I stayed in London, about 200m south of the Thames and 1 mile from Smithfield. Main road north. Good to go on the bus. No. Absolutely stinking man at the back. The front of the bus was full. Only the stinking man in the back. Why can't the bus companies give us transport comfort and throw these stinkers off? I'm not joking! Absolute stench!

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