What do travel writers really think of the places they visit?

Outside of Trip Advisor and other UGC websites, the world of travel is eternally rosy and full of wonder. Eye-staggering vistas, gastronomic delights and cultural experiences that enrich the soul are waiting for us at the end of a longhaul flight. In fact it's altogether rare to read a review of a new hotel or holiday destination that is downright arsebastard about it. The reason tends to be that it's tour operators, hotel chains and tourism boards footing the bills for the travel writers, in return for a more favourable review than might be deserved.

Not anymore. The Titanic Awards is a website that attempts to give the travel industry a much-needed shot of reality, by allowing travel writers to speak honestly about their experiences and conducting polls for the least satisfying holiday experiences. It's rammed to the rim with horrifying squalor such as this - a nominee for the world's worst toilet, discovered in China (yes, you can drive your moped right up to it):

Site founder and travel writer Doug Lansky says: "You see critical reviews of books, movies and plays in the media, but when was the last time you saw someone say a destination was awful? Or that they disliked a fancy new resort? This website is not attempting to fulfill the accountability gap in the travel industry; it’s more like a shot across the bow."

Have a read, gag a little and check the small print of your reservations to see if you're entitled to a refund.


  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. At least the Chinese have somewhere to take a dump. Try to find public toilets in any City Centre and you are likely to shit your pants before you have the chance to spend a penny.
  • veedubjai
    "a nominee for the world’s worst toilet, discovered in China (yes, you can drive your moped right up to it.)" What's wrong with that? Did it not say the public toilet in the countryside? Are you sure that was the worst toilet in the world? I'm sure there are even worst one's that. Trying finding a public toilet up on the hills of UK's National Parks. If you gotta go, you gotta go. Or wait till you come down the hill. You'll probably shit your pants by the time you reach the Visitors Centre.
  • zeddy
    Huh! You two seem to want to shit your pants. Don't wear any, then you cannot shit them. I wouldn't want to eat from that Chinese takeaway.
  • Johnny T.
    cant beat a huge dump in your pants
  • Donald T.
    Just opened the link I feel for the cunt on the front link (Paul Brady) seems to me when he took a shit a bit splashed on his stupid face.
  • Nobby
    That's not a public toilet, it is my back yard. Can't you see me sleeping on the left?
  • dududu
    Well. I was cycling to work one day - Norfolk countryside. But all the sudden, this urge to crap came. My work was still about 7 miles away (13 miles one way) - so I couldnt hold any longer. I went to a convenient shop and asked if I could use the toilet, - I offered to pay as well. The shope keeper refused to let me use the toilet and said ' Just go around the back near the waste bin' - I wasnt sure if he understood that i needed to do number 2. I was going to do it in front of the shop, but I held a bit longer until I was near a bush - and that experience will not be forgotten for a long time :) - So if you see browned tesco receipts in Norfolk country side - there's where I left my mark!
  • CH
    I've seen worse toilets in France (railway stations in le midi) and also in Mauritius. work that one out.
  • pauski
    Not to mention Glastonbury

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