What age is EasyJet's oldest passenger?

There's something quite depressing when you have to scroll down for a while when entering your year of birth on a website. The older you get, the longer you scroll. Each passing year reminds you that you're probably going to die soon.

At EasyJet however, it seems like they're expecting Mumm-Ra levels of old. According to their website, they're expecting passengers that are over 160 years old.

easyjet old

Over on Twitter, JonathanDean spotted just how old you can be, saying: "Imagine being 163-years-old, with all the wonder you have seen, and having to take an EasyJet flight."



  • Dick
    Or they pay programmers minimum wage.
  • Cheesey
    Problem is that you make the cut-off at 100 years and you'll get one 101 year old complaining to the Daily Mail about your discriminatory airline.
  • madge f.
    Spare a thought for the Islamists, they can't put their dates of birth in at all. Must find it terribly difficult to book a flight.
  • Big M.
    So how far back should they go in years? They may well get a 101 year old passenger, so do they go back 110 years? Or fuck it and go back to 1850, so fucking what?

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