West Coast main line deal scrapped

First_BusLogo__Colour_ The government has announced that the West Coast main line deal, which was won by FirstGroup back in August, is to be scrapped, with the bidding process set to start all over again. Rotten news for FirstGroup, but great news for Virgin Trains, which lost out in the process.

It is being reported that civil servants have found significant mistakes in the way that the risks for each bid were calculated and that the whole thing will have to be re-run. Virgin challenged the original decision in court and Sir Richard Branson appeared on TV a few times live from his hot, posh island, gaining the sympathy of almost nobody.

EDIT: It has been revealed that the cost to the taxpayer for cleaning up this cock-up will be £40 million. Nice.


  • Sicknote
    I'm so glad that bearded money grabber Richard Branson has the chance to re-bid for the this route and to be able to fleece more money from the already near broke UK public. Perhaps he'll buy another island paradise and then have Skype press conferences about other shit he wants to make money on.
  • Fox T.
    So Mr Richard Branson managed to buy the civil servants. Welcome to Nigeria --------opps sorry UK
  • Alexis
    Anything that demonstrates the Tories are incompetent nobs is alright in my book.
  • chate
    Branson should add £40M into his bid to cover the cost of this bid re-count.
  • klingelton
    most likely they will need to re-tender, so the whole thing will have to go back to square one. this will take about 12 months, so in the meantime, beardy branson will continue to cream money out of the pockets of the british public. I do however, think it's right that this should have been looked at. it would have cost far more to subsidise a failing train company when they realised they couldn't operate at the costs they said they could and require subsidising to the tune of £100m p/a.
  • Marky M.
    The bidding process will be held again. And again and again, until Branson gets it.
  • David F.
    Branson should get it, First Rail are shocking, it would be a reduction in service and even more expensive fares if they take control.
  • Mr M.
    How the hell does deciding on which tender to go with take £40million, doesn't the government just tell them what the minimum service they want is, then go through the proposed tenders and decide which is best for the short term they are in office.
  • great s.
    I thought rail privatisation was supposed to REDUCE government subsidies...? (at least Worst Late Western won't get their grubby mits on it yet)
  • Dick
    Is it a re-run from scratch or best of three?
  • R B.

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