We're not at Ryanair's AGM but we like the sound of it...

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  • Noghar
    Love it. As if it's necessary sometimes to piss people off.
  • Jim
    He's finally back tracking.
  • Her L.
    O'Leary - someone who unnecessarily pisses people off.
  • tin
    Too late hopefully. Death to Ryanair!
  • joulupukki
    Absolutely not linked to charging that bloke £160 to change his flight after his family had been burned to death then. I sincerely hope the whole company goes bankrupt.
  • kv
    hope you enjoy paying double the price for short-haul flights then, because that's what'd happen without Ryanair.
  • thefunboi
    Agree with kv. Ryanair - love them or hate them - effectively control the price you pay on every other short haul operator out of the Uk & Irl. If Ryanair go bankrupt, they will all slowly creep their prices back up with nobody remotely competitive against them. Anyway, it wont happen. Every one of you on here have a price point where despite what you say, WOULD fly ryanair if their price was substantially low enough against the next nearest price. Treat it like a National Express bus, and you'll be pleasantly surprised with the servvice, as to date, Ive never been offered a drink on a 5 hour bus journey to London... Im always offered one on a 2.5 hour ryanair flight. Enough said.
  • thefunboithree
    But prices have been creeping up on Ryanair too. Remember when you could get a flight for 1p? Or free? Even bloody BA are cheaper sometimes. If Ryanair went out of business (please God...) somebody else would replace them. Maybe Norwegian will. Anyway BMIbaby were the best. Sorely missed.

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