Welsh speed camera is most lucrative

Speed camera The most lucrative speed camera is in Cardiff.

A speed camera, which was installed on Cardiff's Newport Road at the beginning  of this year, has raked in £800,000 in just over six months.

The bane of the speeder's life, has rinsed them for 13,000 drivers, and catches three time as many drivers than the UK's next busiest speed camera. The previous biggest arse of a camera on the roads was the junction 25 on the M60 one.

The data comes from research conducted by LV insurance, who have also revealed that in 2013 speed cameras cost British motorists £22million in fines. According to the latest statistics, the cameras generated 13,624 penalty notices for speeding and 146 for red-light offences.

And in February there were more than 100 tickets issued, on average, each day. Which is simply a pisstake.

The GoSafe partnership, which operates Wales' road safety cameras, say the area has a high flow of traffic and motorists should always comply with the speed limit.

However road safety groups have said the camera is not doing it's job properly and should be there to reduce speeds rather than bring in money.

Well yes.

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