Weight a minute and check Luggage Limits first

Here's a quick and simple reference site for your bookmarks. Luggage Limits has pulled together information from over 90 different airlines - choose who you want to fly with, enter your route and the site will tell you how what your free allowance is, what the weight allowances are and how much you'll pay for excess baggage:

Bitterwallet - Luggage Limits

[Luggage Limits]


  • Rembrandt
    It's shite. The first flight I put in was BA, LHR->PHL. It has dated information, it claims I can check in 2 bags, when the limit is 1 nowadays.
  • Nobby
    Each airline tells you this anyway, so what's the point? Baggage weight allowance is fairly low on my list of priorities when booking a flight - things like airports, price, flight times and company are higher up.
  • Callum
    I really hope that site is wrong about Etihad. Apparently excess weight is "economy flight price x 1.5 x no. Kgs". If I go 1KG over I will be paying over a grand in baggage fees! And thats each way!
  • Callum
    Well, probably not a grand as my fare includes tax etc. but still hundreds of pounds per KG.
  • matt
    what a load of shite all the info for my flight is total bollocks

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