Watch out, Which! Ryanair's rapier wit is gonna get you!

Bitterwallet - Ryanair new plane liveryAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.


AH HA HA HA etc.

Ryanair. They're funny. They're like a small puppy that can never be house-trained, repeatedly shitting on the new carpet before dragging its arse up and down the kitchen lino, all the while pretending it's your fault for feeding them in the first place.

Last week, consumer champion Which! launched a super-complaint against the likes of Ryanair that charge and profit by extortionate fees for credit and debit card services. Ryanair's deputy head of petty playground squabbling, Stephen McNamara has fired back a statement at Which! with all the withering wit of a ten year-old:

“Before making ‘Super Duper Complaints’ the clueless clowns at ‘Which, Who or What’ magazine, should conduct some basic research. Ryanair does not levy any credit or debit card payment ‘surcharges’. Even our administration fee is avoidable by passengers who use our recommended MasterCard Prepaid.

Isn’t it bizarre that this useless and irrelevant ‘consumer magazine’ is again complaining about ‘low cost airlines’ while, yet again, ignoring British Airway’s unjustified, unfair and unavoidable fuel surcharges. Perhaps this is why 78m passengers this year will chose to fly Ryanair while less than 30m will fly on fuel surcharging BA, and less than one man and his dog will buy the useless and irrelevant ‘Which, Who or What’ magazine.

If it wasn’t for dentist waiting rooms or doctors’ surgeries it is doubtful whether anyone even reads the useless and frequently inaccurate ‘Which, Who or What’ magazine.”

We imagine the likes of Alistair Campbell could have provided a less clumsy example of spin while he was still in the womb.


  • Mike
    I used to think that Which was losing its relevance a bit. However, if Ryanair hates them, I should take a second look. Anyone who puts the wind up that bunch of con artists must be OK.
  • brian
    Best piece of publicity for Which? magazine ever!
  • rich
    It's Which? not Which!
  • Marky M.
    And it's "fewer than 30m", not "less than 30m"
  • br04dyz
    "will chose to fly Ryanair" should be "will choose" or just plain old "chose". Still, his English is better than my Irish
  • daniel
    Meh, I'm going to have to side with Ryanair again I'm afraid folks...
  • The B.
    It's Witch^.
  • iphone u.
    one thinks the cock failed his CSE in English
  • ole
    Who gives a shit? They are cunts... whats new about that? If you don't like them, don't fly with them. But we are all a bunch of cheap bastards who will still give them our hard earned!!!
  • Whisky
    What the hell is a "Mastercard Prepaid"? Is it a credit card for poor people in the ilk of a coin pay electric meter thingy?
  • Alexis
    "It’s Which? not Which!" Keep up - everyone here calls it Which! BTW, Ryanair's statement is actually genius. If only other companies and politicians spoke in the same manner I would have much more respect for them (thinks of Francis Maude talking absolute utter cack about his Big Society bollocks yesterday).
  • Andy D.
    It's Which! Like Wham! How many more times...?
  • brian
    Mastercard prepaid is a card where you top it up with credit before you can use it. Where as a credit card lets you spend before you have to repay. Not sure what financial benefit it is to Ryan Air to accept this form of payment rather than debit or credit cards. If anyone can shed any light on the fees associated the pre-paid cards for companies like Ryan Air that would be great
  • dickwad
    The point of ryanair accepting prepaid mastercards is that you have to apply for one in advance and wait for it to arrive in the post before booking flights. Which means you have to wait before booking flights, and may miss out on a good price, so people book anyway with a credit card and pay the fees. You also usually have to pay to top it up, so while you don't want money sitting on it not being used, you don't want to keep topping it up paying their fees again and again.
  • dickwad
    If you want a free prepaid card to use in the future, go to moneysavingexpert, search for FairFX, and order one with 10Euro on it via their link. It will cost about £8.50, but have 10Eur to spend on it. Otehrwise the card costs a tenner. So you pay £8.50 for the card now, but have 10Euro on it (minimum you can load). Yu can probably do the same with dollars, but I assume if you are flying ryanair, you are ending up somewhere in Europe rather than in the US. Then top it up as and when you need to use it for ryanair flights (Fairfx don't charge top up fees). Even if you pay in GBP, it will be converted to Eur using the mastercard rate. Travelex do something similar, but I think they charge for reloading.
  • Bob
    I use the Net+ prepaid mastercard. It was free to order, its free to top up and its free to use online. So far its saved me a bomb with ryanair and has cost me nothing.
  • crumble
    When they say that 78 million will fly Ryanair, is that the number they can squeeze into one plane?
  • steve
    If ryanair was a puppy, it would've met a sack, a couple of brick and a canal a long time ago.

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