Want a cheap flight? Travel on a Tuesday

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Which?!?!?!?! have been at it again, looking for people to bother and money to save. Mercifully, they're focusing on the latter and have found that, should you want cheap flights, you'd better book them for departure on a Tuesday.

Their research reveals that Tuesday is the cheapest day of the week to book your flight out of the UK because, on average, flights on other days are £28 more expensive.

Sunday is the most expensive day to return home, on average, being 45% more expensive than Thursdays. So fly back on a Thursday. In addition to that, fly at specific times of the day. 86% of British Airways cheapest flights were before 7.30am. Returning home, BA's cheapest inbound flights were in the evening.

Richard Lloyd, Which!!!! executive director, said: "With household budgets squeezed, holidaymakers will want to make sure they are getting a good deal on their flights."

"We found that people can save a significant sum of money if they shop around and can be flexible, changing the day or time they choose to travel."


  • br04dyz
    I wished I worked for a company that made a living out of telling people the bleedin' obvious
  • PlatinumPlatypus
    Indeed. Travel when most people don't want to = cheaper travel. Who'd have thought?
  • Bob M.
    In other news department stores reduce the cost of summer clothing towards the end of the summer, this also happens with BBQ's and garden furniture. Xmas stuff such as artificial trees, crackers, cards are sold off cheap after the festive period. Bitter wallet is full of fucking numptys.
  • dunky
    I've found it can be cheaper not to fly first class... Should i tell 'Which' about this for their next survey...
  • captain c.
    All the above is true; it is a pity he did not include the fact that starting and finishing at a secondary airport is usually a lot cheaper than starting or finishing at a major hub airport. Flying from the UK for example, terminating your flight in Beijing is about £100-200 MORE expensive than flying through Beijing to Guangzhou, even though a flight from Beijing to Guangzhou on its own costs £150-250. And not forgetting that, even if the flight from your local, secondary airport IS £50-100 more expensive, you will save MORE than that from the costs of travelling to the major hub airport and/or long term parking.
  • houdini
    walking's free!! The consumer getting ripped off again!
  • Don't !.
    THank you to BitterWallet for herding all the trolls into one manageable group..........
  • Angry R.
    I hear that Captain - I find that too on Pocket Planes - it's better to plan your interim stops as they can be loads cheaper to stop off there......oh hang on, wrong site.......

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