If you have a weak stomach, you might want to grab the Rennies before you read this tale of holiday woe. Guests at the Sentido Perissia hotel in Turkey are apparently wandering through the corridors ‘like zombies’ and projectile vomiting up the walls after an outbreak of sickness and diahorrea at the all-inclusive 5 star resort.

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‘It was like something from the Exorcist,’ gasped one guest, before chucking up in a pot plant.

Six British holidaymakers are desperately trying to get home after the bug, which took hold yesterday, caused guests to be rushed to hospital with dehydration. The hotel is struggling to cope with the outbreak. There is, apparently, ‘human waste’ in the pool, and the restaurant is – as you might imagine – closed for the foreseeable future.

Thomas Cook has suspended booking to the stricken Vomit Towers for 10 days until they get to the bottom (sorry) of the problem. They’re also sending in hygiene experts from the UK to investigate.

But guests say that Thomas Cook knew there was a virus going around in the hotel for two weeks and did nothing – and 100 holidaymakers are so incensed that they’re planning to take them to court. They also say that guests were still being checked in as other guests were rushed to hospital, and that Thomas Cook are refusing to put affected holidaymakers on earlier flights.

‘We were told it would pass in a day or so but this is not a 24 hour bug like Thomas Cook said' said sufferer Louise Carty. 'People are dropping like flies. The pool is closed on a daily basis because of ill people defecating in the water. Even when it does reopen it is closed within hours again because someone else has soiled it. We have tried to get flights out of here but they are either fully booked or outrageously expensive. We are desperate.’



  • Don D.
    Great story, looking forward to my all inclusive holiday now. But on an unrelated matter, I'm hoping some smart person can help me with the spelling of Tennants? Tennints? Thanks for any help with this.
  • Warwick H.
    should have had more sense than to book with Thomas Crook, used them once years ago but never again.

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