Volvo tinker with their logo

Volvo have had a fiddle with their logo.

The new updated 'ironmark' logo, which has been in use since 1927, is based on the chemical symbol for iron, has been lightly updated by Stockholm Design Lab.


It handily coincides with the launch of its new XC90 vehicle.

Stockholm Design Lab said: "The symbol has been simplified in its purest form and conveys the vision to be the world’s most progressive and desirable premium car brand."

Which, obviously, they would. They charged an amazing amount of money for the privilege too.

Whereas Volvo chip in with: "The new XC90 will be the first of our cars to carry the company’s new more prominent iron mark, which has the iconic arrow elegantly aligned with the diagonal slash across the grille."

"Together with the T-shaped 'Thor’s Hammer' DRL lights, the iron mark introduces an entirely new, distinctive and confident face for Volvo’s forthcoming generation of cars."

Still nothing you'd steal off the front though, eh elderly Beastie Boys fans?

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