'Virus Shield' app killed by Google

8 April 2014

android_logo Have you got an Android phone with the Virus Shield app? You might have because, for a period, it topped the charts on Google Play. Well, you should delete it because Google have pulled it after it turned out to be a total phoney.

So what was the deal with it? For starters, the app had virtually no function at all, but cost a $3.99 to buy. At over 10,000 downloads, the developer/con-artist raked it in on something that was nigh-on useless for your phone.

If you're wondering what little function it did have, the icon changed when you tapped it while it pretended to look for viruses.

The Android Police, who rumbled it, said: "This is such a brazen and expensive fake that we felt the need to give it some special attention. It's somewhat disheartening that an app so obviously fake could rise to the top, especially considering that it's paid, and possibly hundreds or thousands of people have been defrauded already."

This comes with the news that Google are finally trying to clean up their apps. They need to start being a bit sharper, clearly. Either way, 'Virus Shield' isn't harming your phone and won't hammer your battery, but it isn't doing a thing for your phone, so get shot of it.

If you want to get a refund on the app beyond the normal 15 minute refund window, Android Central have a nifty how-to guide.

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