Virgin Trains to let you stream films for free

Free streaming Virgin Trains

Train journeys can be incredibly boring, after you've looked at a field for the millionth time, and eaten the bag of crisps you bought way too early.

Well, Virgin Trains might have a solution, as they've launched a Netflix-style on-demand app, which will allow passengers to stream TV and movies to their smartphones and tablets for free.

Those travelling with Virgin Trains will be able to choose from roughly 200 hours of video, including House of Cards, and The Wolf Of Wall Street.

Don't worry, there's some lighter things to watch as well. Kids can watch Peppa Pig, Horrible Histories and more, and there's also Bridesmaids, Despicable Me 2, and shows like Poldark.

There is also a section for children, including Frozen, Peppa Pig, Ben 10 and Horrible Histories.

The service is called The Beam, and it'll be free to passengers and apparently won't use up your mobile data. This is because of Virgin's on-board server, which sounds decent (if it works).

Can't do anything about your battery however, unless you're near a plug-socket.

Patrick McCall, co-chairman of Virgin Trains, said: "The new Beam app will make our passengers' journeys fly by, feeling like they've arrived at their destinations before they know it."

"We've worked really hard to provide a fantastic range of entertainment to cater to all of our customers' tastes and are really proud to offer this service that is the first of its kind to the train industry."

"At Virgin Trains we pride ourselves on continuously improving our customers' on-board experience and so will continue to update the content on Beam to guarantee our passengers have the latest entertainment on offer."

Keep an eye out for this service on your routes.

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