Virgin to host irritating art galleries on flights

If you fly with Virgin Atlantic, you may well be greeted with some awful art in a special flying gallery while you try and drink away the tedium of travel.

Upper Class passengers will be given the chance to browse art collections during their travels as Virgin have announced that they're collaborating with British artist Ben Eine.

Passengers on flights from London to NYC will be greeted with some lousy art and offered the opportunity to actually buy some of the pieces from what has been officially named the 'Gallery in the Air'. This dreadful business will be happening in February and the first in a series of in-flight collaborations with artists.

Richard Branson, Virgin's owner, said: "I am a huge fan of Ben's work and, like us, he does things differently and doesn't follow the crowd."

He does follow flight paths though.


  • chrispeacock
    Going on the pic turning 180 degrees and back again is hardly a browsing experience looks more like in your face headache inducing pap by an artist that just does big coloured letters...and yes Google confirms he just does big coloured letters.
  • bob
  • Sicknote
    Sour grapes because you poor fucks cant afford first class? Get a real job BW.
  • chrispeacock
    @Sicknote Virgin do not have a first class cabin you dick.
  • Sicknote
    @ Chrispeacock, Upper or first, makes no difference. Cunts like you not admitted.
  • chrispeacock
    @Sicknote "Upper or first, makes no difference" Your ignorance is obvious. Admitted more times than you think and once a class above first so fuck off tosspot!
  • jiggle
    why does every article have 2 bellends insulting each other in the comments?
  • Kok W.
    @jiggle You what you fucking cock?!
  • chrispeacock
    @jiggle + You makes 3 bellends now.
  • Mary H.
    Go on then ill be number 4
  • Sicknote
    I travel 'Upper class' everywhere it makes me chuckle watching all the fucking sheep in cattle class!

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