Virgin finally gets laid, looks to open global hotel chain

Bitterwallet - Virgin HotelsVirgin Atlantic? Check - they do a decent job, no complaints there. Virgin Trains? Er... check, probably. Nobody runs a train service the customers don't want to set alight, so it was always going to be a tough nut to crack. Virgin Wines? Well, avid readers will know we're not their biggest fans (although they do read Bitterwallet, which is nice).

So what will the world make of Virgin Hotels? Yes, it's not enough that Sir Richard Branson should take your coin in every other business, why not the hotel game? And that's the plan - a new division of Virgin Group is looking to spend over £330 million on acquiring properties on the east and west coasts of the US, before expanding worldwide, and then probably to the Moon in his big fancy spaceships.

The hotels are likely to be four-star affairs with up to 400 rooms, and will attract the "creative class", whoever they are. Some hotels will be bought outright by company, othets will be operated by third parties. If you want to see what Virgin has planned for the world of extra-marital yankee-doodle and relentless wanking into pillow cases, you can see their brouchure site here.


  • Meh
    Sort-of related: I just read the Virgin Wines article which was linked in the above article about how they forged '£79.99' to look like '£19.99' - this seems to be common practice nowadays. Two of our local car dealers are advertising their cars 'from £991' - but at first glance it looks more like 'from £99!' Clever? Perhaps. Misleading? Probably.
  • The B.
    I've bought a couple of cases from Virgin wines back when they were doing the £70 for £40 offers, I think I can safely say that they weren't to my taste, it doesn't mean I wouldn't try other Virgin products though (except Virgin Rockstar, which frankly is aimed at the sort of **** I wouldn't want to find in my hotel).
  • delrio
    well he has to fund his F1 cars somehow. (they've just built a second factory up here - i live near it) who knows, they might actually get the fuel tank size right next season

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