Virgin Atlantic unaware of Pakistan floods

virgin So there’s been these big floods in Pakistan lately but it seems that Virgin Atlantic customer service staff weren’t made aware of it for whatever reason. At least that’s according to one of their passengers who was hampered in her attempts to get out of the country as the flood waters did their worst.

In a nutshell, Virgin said they had no knowledge of the floods and told the customer that she’d have to fork out an extra $933 in order to get home.

Her full story is too lengthy for us to shamelessly copy and paste here but it’s all to be found over at The Consumerist. It’s worth a look, containing as it does phrases such as “four of the most terrifying days of my life”, “six landslides and three broken bridges between me and Islamabad”, and “I'd been airlifted out of a literal flood area by a Pakistani military cargo plane.”


  • Nobby
    She should have just phoned back and spoke to another airline operator.
  • smashingnicey
    So, I went to 'the consumerist' site and read the full story, and what grabbed me were the comments underneath. Worth a read, and worth it for this news item alone... ...glad I don't live in America. Glad I don't think like some of the people on that site. I'm far too British. And far more into bumming foxes.
  • Adebisi
    When I have had a bad day at work or whatever I don't expect to get home free
  • Rob
    At the end of the day Virgin with its high visibility branding is only another airline carrier as I discovered from this interesting article, which makes a direct comparison with Virgin and the U.K's other major airline British Airways. Remember, at the end of the day these guys are all about providing a quality service at an affordable or reasonable price, they cannot get it right every time, nor should we expect them too.
  • -]
    Of course we shouldn't expect a company to get things right every time - but this is a little more than a small mistake!
  • Farooq
    Why did't she booked it with PIA or any other Pakistani Airline , there are many others. and they are cheaper than Virgin atlantic.
  • dunfyboy
    A literal flood area?
  • David P.
    I prefer hypothetical floods personally.
  • Kevin
    Did the flight leave on time? I guess so. The fact that she wasn't there is the only point. It is not Virgin's responsibility to get her to the airport. She missed her flight, thats an insurance issue and they would have happily paid out. As they would have paid for a new flight.

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