Virgin Atlantic to take on BA with short-haul flights

Virgin Atlantic are going toe-to-toe with British Airways with a new brand for short-haul flights called 'Little Red'.

Virgin will start flying between Heathrow and Manchester, Edinburgh and Aberdeen later this month, using the slots that BMI used to fly.

This 'Little Red' service will see passengers offered free 23kg luggage check-ins, pre-assigned seats, free snacks and drinks and hot breakfasts in the morning. That actually sounds rather good.

'Little Red' has also buddied-up with crisp vendors Tyrrells for special edition 'Plane Crisps' and AG Barr to provide Irn Bru on Scottish flights.

Virgin Atlantic founder Sir Richard Branson said: "Virgin Atlantic has been on an incredible journey since we started with a single plane 29 years ago. Little Red represents the next step on that journey as we go head to head with British Airways to provide domestic flights that deliver Virgin Atlantic's rock and roll spirit as well as real value for money."

"The European Commission recognised that a British Airways monopoly would be undeniably bad for consumers and Little Red will stop British Airways dominating routes and driving higher prices."


  • Dick
    This ‘Little Red’ service will see passengers offered compulsory pre-paid 23kg luggage check-ins, compulsory pre-paid pre-assigned seats, compulsory pre-paid snacks and drinks and compulsory pre-paid hot breakfasts in the morning.
  • Clinton
    I'm just waiting for a mate

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