Virgin Atlantic to start domestic flights

Bitterwallet - Virgin AtlanticVirgin Atlantic have announced that they'll be operating three daily return flights between London and Manchester from next year. It'd be funny if they started doing flights down the West Coast and dropping human slurry all over FirstGroup trains as well, but we're not holding our breath.

Anyway, Virgin plans to fly from Heathrow to Manchester airport from March 2013, which doesn't feature the Atlantic at all, but that's just nitpicking.

The reason, other than making money, for this? Well, Virgin Atlantic have been claiming that British Airways have a monopoly on the Heathrow to Manchester route following its takeover of BMI.

"The airline is going to apply for all of the remedy slots being awarded by the European Commission following the IAG (BA's owner) takeover of BMI, but is using some of its existing slots to service the Manchester to London route," said Virgin Atlantic chief executive Steve Ridgway.

"The airline believes competition on this route has been neglected in the remedy process and aims to provide choice for the 650,000 passengers who travel between the two cities."


  • Nikey H.
    Good step from Virgin. If the govt. won't fairly let you run train services, run flights instead
  • Zeddy
    In a Cessna?

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