Virgin Atlantic to charge you for reserving your seat

Bitterwallet - Virgin Atlantic Virgin Atlantic are going to start charging passengers £25 if they want to reserve their seat in advance, which is nice of them. That's £25 each way too, which means, if you would like to sit next to your partner there and back, that's £100 for the pair of you.

This new fee comes into play on the Gatwick to Las Vegas service from April 2014.

This same charge will be introduced on flights to Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Australia from the beginning of May and all other flights to absolutely anywhere will get the same charge from June 1.

On the Virgin Atlantic website, they say: "If you already have a seat selected for a flight that departs either before or after 01 April 2014 you will be able to keep it."

British Airways also charge to reserve a seat and Ryanair and EasyJet moved to an allocated seating system also.

If you want a quick round-up of all the charges you get on flights, the Telegraph have a neat little round-up so you can get yourself the cheapest flights possible. Have a look here.


  • OlPeculier
    And once the plane takes off, you look at swapping seats. That's what I did earlier this year on a flight to SFO. On board staff didn't mind, just be polite.
  • Obi K.
    What if you already have a seat selected for a flight that departs neither before or after 01 April 2014, but on that date?
  • Obi K.
    And if it's like my Virgin flight to the Caribbean, you'll change your seat anyway if you're sat next to some fat wheezing sweaty munter spilling over the armrest into your seat. But then I suppose it's my fault for marrying her.
  • jt
    Fuck it, it's worth £100 not to have to sit next to my wife for that long.
  • Justin
    Virgin are set on self-destruct at the moment. Name printed wrong on my nephew's ticket. Virgin were insisting the ticket had to be torn up and a new one bought (at day zero prices). While Virgin were tussling, Expedia sneaked in on the computer and changed the name. Job done, no new ticket. 10/10 Expedia. 0/10 repeat business Virgin. What makes less sense is that there are perfectly decent airlines (particularly to Asia) that cost less than Virgin and offer better service. Maybe this is about reducing the ticket price by £25 each-way and hiding the true cost. It can't end well.
  • Reclining S.
    You forgot to add that it is in advance of 24 hours prior to departure. Once online check in opens you can check in and choose your seat. Still why spoil a bit of sensationalism.
  • bittertraveller
    I don't know about Virgin, but if you have status with BA you can pick your seat at time of booking.

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