Virgin Atlantic cut jobs in restructure

Richard-Branson15-415 Virgin Atlantic are going to be sacking around 500 managerial and support jobs, a matter of months after the airline told everyone they'd made a return to profit.

So what's the deal? Well, the company said the point of all this is to create a simpler, more efficient structure with few management layers. The people losing their jobs will be given the option of either re-deployment or redundancy.

Craig Kreeger, the airline's chief executive, said: "To truly position Virgin Atlantic for long-term and sustained success, we need to be a more efficient and agile organisation that has the ability to invest even more in the areas that make Virgin Atlantic's customer experience unique."

"As a people-oriented business, these are extremely tough decisions to take, but we know they are necessary," he added.

Customers shouldn't notice an immediate difference, as these job cuts won't be hitting the frontline of staff. That's something at least, but little consolation to those getting the chop soon.

A few months ago, Virgin Atlantic announced that they'd made a £14.4m pre-tax profit for 2014, which was good news after three years of losses. In addition to that, last year, they shouted about a £300m programme of investment, which will see wifi installed on all its aircraft by the end of 2016.

As well as saving money on wages, the airline will also be ditching routes that are deemed unprofitable.

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  • Angry S.
    We're a 'people oriented business', so here's your P45. Good luck poor people, I'm of back to my island to think up some more self aggrandising publicity stunts.

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