Urinals on flights?

Urinals on flights?

Airbus has said that they're looking at the toilet situation on their planes, and are thinking of installing some urinals on passenger jets.

At the Farnborough Air Show, Airbus CEO Tom Williams said that the company had struggled with designing the interiors of the twin engine A350 jet.

One of the things they're looking at, is bringing in urinals: "We have created a toilet design that is clever and elegant, but the problem is we have created a design that is perhaps in some cases a bit of stretch."

Now, he's going to use a word that might make you laugh.

He continued: "Stiffness and interface is an issue, with the module flexing meaning the door not closing."

"That can be a problem, especially if the door doesn't shut: customers don't like to have to sit with their foot on the door."

Going to the toilet when you're experiencing some 'stiffness' can be a real problem, fnarr. Urinals though? What about the ladies? Williams added: "It's a bit sexist to have a men-only toilet, though."

Maybe they can hand out She-Pee devices to anyone who needs to go?

That's not the only thing they're looking at - Airbus announced an option to introduce a fifth seat in the central aisle of the economy section, on their new A380 jet.

This would give an airline 23 extra seats to play with. They're really going to cram everyone in, aren't they?

Still, if we get cheaper flights to our favourite destinations, it might be worth it... provided you don't need to go for a Number Two.

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