United Airlines - the number 1 airline for Amazonian giants

Somebody at United Airlines has a sense of humour. That, or they only attended art classes for the first couple of weeks before buggering off to the common room for a can of Tango, and so never learnt the importance of perspective when drawing.

United have launched their 5 Inch Difference promotion, a knowing double entendre ("there are many places where 5 inches makes a world of difference...") to sell their Economy Plus seating on internal flights. Except the illustrator has either confused inches with furlongs, or provided an illustration of Bao Xishun sat on board:

Obviously nobody will take the illustration seriously, since everyone realises those five inches simply reduce the risk of having both knees broken simultaneously when the person in front reclines their seat.


  • Mike H.
    Well, let's face it, a painting of a seat with an extra 5" of leg room would look shit wouldn't it really? It would? Yes, I know, I just said it would.
  • zeddy
    My missus says she could make far better use of 5 inches. Bloody cow!
  • Michael J.
    It may be roomy but jesus it looks cold, i mean look at his 5" cock, its fuckin blue!!

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