UK wants America to stop treating haggis like it's North Korea

A typical Scottish family, yesterday
A typical Scottish family, yesterday

The UK government wants the humble haggis to be treated fairly by the US government. They want to overturn a long ban on the traditional Scottish meal.

This is all because Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has nothing better to do when they meet up with Barack Obama's senior officials this week.

If you didn't know, haggis imports have been banned since 1971 in America because the States' food standards agency prohibits sheep lungs into the country. Unless they're inside a living sheep, you'd assume.

Of course, sheep lungs are one of the key ingredients of haggis. It is also made of sheep stomach and filled up with sheep liver, lungs and heart, oatmeal, onion, suet and seasoning. If you think that sounds gross, don't ever find out what is put into sausages or fairground burgers.

The USA is looking at reopening their market to EU beef following a ban put in place in the Nineties after the whole BSE scare. The Scottish, recognising some American generosity, want haggis on the plates of the USofA.

Paterson said: "I share many haggis producers' disappointment that American diners are currently unable to enjoy the taste of Scotland's wonderful national dish in their own country. I am meeting my US counterpart today to discuss how we can begin exporting it, particularly as so many Americans enjoy celebrating their Scottish heritage."

"This government has opened many markets for our home-grown food and drink businesses. I will continue to do everything I can to boost exports of everything from whisky to haggis to support Scotland's farmers and rural economy."

Seeing as there's around 9 million Americans claiming to have Scottish ancestry, there's good money to be made if the ban is lifted, which is good for Scottish producers.

The haggis market is currently worth around £15m in the UK alone.

We look forward to the McDonald's embracing Scotland with promotional Burns' Night haggis burgers with deep fried tatties and neeps, and the resultant Scottish outrage.

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