UK cancels holiday plans after Brexit

UK cancels holiday plans after Brexit

The result of the EU Referendum (if you missed it, you're clearly living in a hedge with no WiFi, and someone is reading this to you, so ask them all about it) has got a lot of people pretty jumpy.

The pound is all over the place, and now, UK consumers are changing their holiday plans.

According to Travelzoo, they've noted that 3% of people have opted to cancel their holidays altogether. Those still wanting a break from all the nonsense have decided to book all-inclusive breaks, so they don't have to worry about money as much.

Or to get stuck right into the free bar.

Travelzoo have been warning people - as have everyone - about the rising costs of holidays this summer, after the Brexit vote. In their survey, they asked about holiday attitudes.

They said that the drop in the value of the pound is the core reason for 3% cancelling trips, with 9% of all respondents saying that they had worries about being treated negatively while overseas, after the EU vote.

Those numbers are quite low, and for the time being, it is business as usual, aside from gripes about the exchange rates.

UK managing director of Travelzoo, Joel Brandon-Bravo, wants to see the government supporting the holiday industry and consumers: "If they react slowly, and tourism is pushed down the list of priorities, British holidaymakers could be facing more expensive overseas holidays, and consequently we could see a dip in travel."

"The fall in the pound will take time to filter through into higher costs for flights and cruises but a sustained lower pound will eventually cause a price hike."

Remember, nothing has actually changed as a result of this EU vote, so there's no change when it comes to travelling, your rights, and everything else, until the UK actually leaves the EU.

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