Uber supporters hit out at plans to restrict service in London

1 October 2015

uber In That London, there's plans to crack down on Uber, and restrict the service they provide. Black cab drivers will be pleased at that, but supporters of Uber are not. Who supports Uber? People who get cheaper fares from them and business leaders.

Together, presumably, they have reacted angrily to the idea that Uber could be hamstrung, with London's transport authorities accused of “arbitrary” proposals that could “damage London”.

In fact, these words came from The Institute of Directors, who represent thousands of big bosses across Britain, and they are not at all impressed with Transport for London’s plans to ban some of the features that come with Uber's business. Elsewhere, roughly 100,000 (and counting) people have signed an online petition supporting Uber.

The TfL are unrepentant though, saying that the consultation they're carrying out will hopefully provide new regulations which should improve passenger safety, and “maintain a clear distinction between the taxi and private hire trades”. So what are they planning on doing? Well, they're looking at imposing a minimum five-minute wait between ordering a car and it arriving, and a ban on showing cars available for hire on apps.

“These new rules would embed economic inefficiency and create artificially high prices for passengers,” said Simon Walker, director general of the IoD. “Imposing a minimum five-minute wait time will just mean passengers stand on the side of the road looking at their car, unable to get in - wasting time, clogging streets and costing money. Outlawing companies from showing available cars on an app is a Luddite solution to a problem which doesn’t exist."

“Their proposals for further restrictions to an already heavily-regulated industry are backwards and would damage London’s reputation as a city which celebrates innovation and embraces change.”

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