Two thirds of railway stations "lose" your lost property

Thieving sods or brainless ineptitude? Either way, you lose! An investigation by Which? found that two thirds of rail station staff didn't bother contacting owners whose lost property was handed in. Worse still, some items seemed to... disappear.

Posing as passengers, researchers visited 16 rail stations and handed in a coat and wallet containing £22 they reported finding on a train. The wallets were clearly labelled with the owners' name and phone number, yet just five of the main 16 stations visited contacted the researchers to say items had been found. Naughty.

Even when stations got in touch, the cash seemed to have mysteriously disappeared in the bottom of a pint glass as the rail staff got pissed up on your hard earned coin the system. And you thought they only fleeced you when you bought the ticket.

Photo by Leo Reynolds on Flickr. Some rights reserved.


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  • Vince W.
    I actually know for a fact that people employed at Lost Property do more than eagerly perform magic on the dollar bills. A friend of mine back in university actually tried to convince me to work at a station, because' there is just so much stuff that people never collect, and you can take'.

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