Tune Hotel opens in London - a no-frills stay unless you pay

Bitterwallet - Tune HotelsBudget hotels have been done before, but a Malaysian chain have taken Ryanair's ancillary approach and launched their first venue in London. Opening on 30th August, Tune Hotel will offer a basic room for £35 per night, and they'll throw in a bed, a ceiling, four walls and (occasionally) a window, with doors and a floor all luxurious extras. Beyond that, it's down to your wallet.

Want your room cleaned? That's extra. Need a towel? It's going to cost you. Everything that can be taken away and offered back for a fee - that's how Tune Hotels plan to make their money. Here's the list of what you'll be paying for if you decide to check in for a couple of nights:

  • Hair Dryer (unlimited use) - £1.00
  • In Room Safe (unlimited use) - £2.00
  • Add-on Room Cleaning - £7.50
  • TV (1 day - freeview channels) - £3.00
  • TV (3 days - freeview channels) - £7.00
  • TV (unlimited use - freeview channels) - £10.00
  • Towel Rental + Essentials toiletries kit - £1.50
  • Wireless Internet Access (1 hour period) - £1.50
  • Wireless Internet Access (24 hour period) - £3.00
  • Wireless Internet Access (unlimited) - £10.00

The hotel is sarffa th' rivaa near Waterloo station, and offers 64 double rooms, 11 of which are windowless, and four further special needs rooms. The Tune Group are hoping to open another 14 hotels across London in the next seven years, and boast 100 around the world in the next five.

The base price of £35 at least beats the ghastly rooms on offer in fleapits around Paddington, but if demand drives prices too high then these hotels will be hard pushed to beat the Travelodges and Premier Inns of this world, that also offer low prices when booked in advance.


  • Scarborian
    They charge extra for air-con in places where you need it. Two friend of mine stayed in the one in Kuching, Borneo and only problem was room too small. They checked out, and when I asked at reception if I could have it they had already sold it on... From what I saw of the place looked OK though. They are expanding Air Asia a hell of a lot, and the hotels are expanding in SE Asia too, so don't be suprised if one pops up near Stanstead too
    Hate to be picky but the safe is only 1 GBP.
  • DP
    So what happens with the toilet? It's not mentioned in the description of the basic room above, or in the price list of 'extras'. Do you have to shit in the corner and pay for cleaning?
  • The B.
    Brian here. WTF??? IS DIS 4 REAL????
  • BobF
    The room cleaning charge looked worrying, but seems they clean your room before you arrive, but then only every 3rd day youre using it. Which tbh, isnt that bad, im sure most people dont clean their own rooms that frequently at home.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    Lets be honest a lot of the extras either are next to nothing so no issue, or are things that most people would be happier to save the cash and be without. And the wireless Internet is about the cheapest I've seen at hotels etc.
  • PokeHerPete
    £5 a shit and 20p a sheet of loo roll. I guess Im fucked because I wrap it around my hand.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    As long as they clean the room before I get there, and don't leave jizz hanging from the wallpaper from the last guests that stopped in it, I don't really care about cleaning.
  • toby
    I stayed in the one next to kuala lumpar airport last year. It was quite cheap but the room was tiny. A double bed plus about 20cm each side. Literally had to put my case on the bed because it wouldnt fit on the floor. Apart from that, brilliant :p
  • Kevin
    Sounds fair enough in a way but as mentioned if you book in advance you can get very good deal from the likes of Travelodge. I've paid £35 for a night in the Euston Travelodge. Right in the area I wanted to be in, in a newly built hotel.
  • End L.
    Everything sounds great but the Internet access should be free.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Bring it on... if i'm out on the piss in London for a night then all I need is a bed to sleep on for 4 hours and a toilet to be sick in... this place sounds perfect.
  • Joe
    This is cool and all, but why not just book a cheap room on BonVoyou and get everything included for the same price? Luxe hotels without the luxe prices are available on at tinyurl.com/bonvoyou
  • London C.
    I tried out this hotel yesterday. At these prices you shouldn't be surprised at the smallness of the room, but it did feel a bit claustrophobic. On the other hand, the bed was very comfortable, which was the main thing.
  • Bitterwallet B.
    [...] Lazy hacks are comparing it to Ryanair, because if you expect anything beyond the basics, you have to pay ancillary charges. So does staying there feel as cheap as the price (from £35 per room per night for a double), or does it live up to Tune Hotel’s boasts of ‘5 star beds at 1 star prices’? Your avid and thoroughly frugal Bitterwallet editor checked in last night to investigate. [...]

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