London Underground Strike Action - October 2014

london-tube-strike If you're travelling into or around the capital next week, prepare for a rough commute - London Underground workers are set to strike again next week as part of the long running dispute over ticket office closures.

Strike action starts at 9pm on Tuesday 14th October and runs for 48hrs, enough time to really piss off workers and those reliant on The Tube right before the weekend.

Octobers planned strikes are the latest walkout in RMT’s "Every Job Matters" campaign. Recent talks between the union and London Underground have fallen flat and whilst the union said small amounts of progress had been made, it clearly wasn't enough to satisfy RMT's executives after months and months of negotiations and meeting room fun.

Aside from the loss of all ticket offices and over 750 jobs by 2015, RMT's Mick Cash said that the closures and staff loss would "render the tube a no-go zone for many people with disabilities and for women travelling alone".

Not patronising at all.


  • Fat H.
    Now that's just ridiculous. There are plenty of weirdos on the underground quite capable of keeping women company. As for the disabled, you would be far better off using the bus in London. In fact, I don't ever recall seeing someone in a wheelchair on the underground, they probably were already crushed to death by those well mannered commuters.
  • Mr M.
    Haha stupid Londoners.

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