Tube Strike: Four days of carnage, or something

london-tube-strike There's a planned strike on the Tube next week and, if we've learned anything from the previous ones, it is this - people outside of London will find it very, very difficult to care, and that the press will report on it all with words like 'CHAOS!' and 'CARNAGE!', like it is a Godzilla movie or something.

So, if you're outside of London and don't care, watch this funny video instead. For those inside the capital, or planning a visit, here's some news.

Transport for London has issued a warning to commuters, saying that they're going to face four days of madness and disruption on the Tube. This is all dependant on whether or not the strike happens, but really, we all know that it will almost certainly go ahead.

TfL has stated that Tube services will be affected between Tuesday 25th and Friday 28th August, with the first strike running for 24 hours from 9pm on August 25th, and the second for another 24 hours from 9pm on the August 27th.

Of course, those who work on the buses (why would they strike? We know it's a great life on the buses - there's nothing like you'll agree), DLR, the trams, London Overground, TfL Rail, Emirates Air Line and the river services won't be striking.

A TfL spokesperson said: "These services will operate as normal but they will be much busier than usual, especially during peak hours, between Tuesday 25 and Friday 28 August. Roads and National Rail services and terminals will also be much busier. We will run whatever Tube services we can on those four days, based on the staff that sign into their shifts. All customers are advised to allow more time for their journeys."

"Extra bus and river services will run to help Londoners get around and roadworks will be suspended wherever possible. Additional Santander Cycles hubs will be in place at key central London locations to make cycling an easier option."



  • plusman
    Clearly they need to extend the Emirates Air Line to cover more of London as it seems immune to RMT action. Maybe also as an alternative to Crossrail 2 or HS2?? TFL could also charge extra during the winter season to travel to London's more hilly regions. :-)
  • shiftynifity
    Emirates Air line is a failure , losing money by the day, another one of bozo the clowns vanity projects that has failed...badly
  • jim
    why not just have robot tube drivers at night. you know - ones you dont need to pay over 40 grand a year to. ones that dont demand quadruple time at weekends/ bank holidays.

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